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  1. Most servers are plauged by bots. which makes it tricky to find a server with players. But if you do search through you will notice there is still a healthy number of players. My worries are though.. that most players (me included) are star wars fanatics. Meaning some may be lost with the iminent release of The Old Republic. I will try to play both games but it might be hard to come online, with the clan im in now its like i have to force myself to stare at the startup screen until i am forced to hit the multiplayer button
  2. To me, its a perfect length for a game. But seriously dont buy just based on the single. If you want to know what really sells the game its the multiplayer. Dont get me wrong though I have played the single player mode multiple times There are also fan made missions you can download if you dont feel like you got enough SP gameplay
  3. I am making a tatooine map, this has the sarlaac pit in which boba fett was swallowed up. It is enterable. The Story: (completely made up, except for the fact that boba fett is alive, if you read the books he survives the sarlaac pit somehow.) I decided that i would make the time period about 5 years after boba was swallowed. And if you enter the sarlaac you will fall for a moment, then you will land on something, once the smoke clears you realize you are standing face to face with the legendary Boba Fett, a closer look at your surrounding and you are standing in a completely modernized area. Somehow the bounty hunter has managed to hold off the sarlaacs acid, and create a safe home, he is most likely surviving off the moist inner skin of the sarlaac itself. The Issue: I have created an npc of boba fett, and i have added a trigger_multiple infront of the npc. now my question is, how do i get a message to be displayed on the players screen when i use the trigger_multiple? I want the message to say,"Like what I have done with the place?" The sooner you can all help me the better thank you! -Polter
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