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  1. i think the personalization is good, but i like the factions too like in SWBFII, have it in some games, but not in others, and i would like to see the weapons bonuses, that would be a good feature to have back. i like some aspects of the game, but not others, but hey, cant you say that about all games? if you don't like it, sell it and buy a different one.
  2. if you go on multi-player, infrastructure or ad hoc, then choose what weapons you want (ignoring cost) then switch the wlan switch off, you keep everything you had equipped, which is good for online, to kill the annoying hackers :compcry: thanks to this, i have full health, stamina, and capture rate. weapons wise, i usually use: primary: bowcaster/chain gun secondary: orbital strike/grenade launcher explosives: cluster grenade (ideal for taking out tanks quickly) / wrist rockets power up thing...: auto repair vehicle/regenerate along with a jet pack. bowcaster and jet pack are a good combination, as you can fly up as you charge the bowcaster, then drop down and snipe your enemy from above. and my colours for all factions are black and dark blue, i keep it all the same, as i go online alot more than anything else. (my online gamer tag is _LDR_Elite_599_)
  3. I know this is an old post, but that seems a good idea, have a separate medic class, with commando pistol, health and ammo packs, a something like a basic slow firing blaster rifle for a primary weapon (a bit like a sniper, but without a scope, and not as powerful) , and mines maybe. it would be cool if you could use the fusion cutter as a knife, like in other warfare games; in renegade squadron, if you use the fusion cutter when right next to an enemy, it injures them.
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