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  1. HAHA you send a droid to do a MANS WORK!!! HAHAHA you can send every droid in the world and they still couldn't kill me. :) But I understand your fear of me I get that a lot. Go hide behind your droids I will destroy them all then I'm coming for you.

  2. Good luck convincing the North Korean people that while they get bombarded by missiles, airstrikes and gunship raids. :thmbup1:


    Well, maybe if their leader would be a little nicer and respect border agreements and stop attacking ships and bombarding people on land the South Koreans wouldn't have to fight back.


    Picture this: if Mexico declared war on the US and you lived in Texas, would it be a safer idea to run into Mexico or towards Canada? (Mimi, don't spoil it)


    Well, thats a different story because you know for a fact the US will crush Mexico and so it would be smarter to go north, but not to Canada. In North Korea its a different story because one its obvious North Korea is going to lose if a war does break out. So would I rather run North while I have planes and tanks following close behind me. Or would I rather run to the people who are (as you said with China) required to help refugees and is a shorter distance. And you got to think that this refugees while the battle is going on around them they are just going to go to somewhere where they can be shield from the gunfire and bombs being dropped. They aren't going to run in either direction untill the bombing stops and the gunfire stops. Now, say if South Korean's troops pushed North Korean's troops North would i rather follow the armies fighting to China or would I rather go to South Korea. However, if the North Korean army pushed back South Korean army I would then go North, but not as far as China.


    It really depends on who won the intially fight that would decide where the refugees would run.

  3. I'm just saying what others have already said, but refugees generally tend to flee in the safest direction. I certainly wouldn't want to flee to a country that has several thousands missiles pointed at it by people I'm running from.


    Well, I wouldn't want to run deeper into a country that is getting bombed by South Koreans, US, and whoever else in the United Nations that comes to help. I would rather take my chance with the people who are going to be more friendly (like the US and UN) than to get to China's border after an exausting walk or should I say trip (to take into consideration that someone could have found a ride) and China not let you in or offers no aid.

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