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  1. Hey do MMORPG cost?

  2. Hey GODKING I rewrote the Mod into Kotor 1 not TSL, Would you like to be a Writer? I changed it to Kotor because I just Thought it would be Better :)

  3. He is a writer.

  4. Thanks, it just seems like a really cool mod and something I'll like to work on. Hmm, cool mods. Seems like you are really busy with those at the moment so whenever you're ready to do this thing you know where to find me. :)

  5. I'll be sure to do that. Who knows, it may be sooner than we think (i'm also kinda busy with other mods like a custom campaign I'm making for Warcraft 3, the POTC Build Mod, and a LOTR module for Neverwinter Nights 2)

  6. Oh, well, that sucks. If you ever decide to start it back up give me a shout.

  7. Not at the moment, I lost interest and time and not very many people were supportive of it. Who knows, maybe I'll get back to it someday

  8. I'm a writer for the aldeeran planet mod, but I'm actually a programming, too.

  9. What is your modding part for the aldeeran mod?

  10. Hello Mandalor,


    Is your mod Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3: The Jedi Knights still active?

  11. Hello Vader,


    I would like to join your development team as a writer. I can be your main story writer and do help write your scripts, too. I am working on the Alderaan Planet Mod, but Viado Onasi isn't really ready to work on it yet. So, I hope you are in need of a writer. Well, just get back to me when you get a chance. Thanks!


    -Ronnie a.k.a GODKING

  12. True, well, I'll make one.

  13. But they have superhero,music and a bunch other non star wars related ones, and what would it hurt the most they would do is pull it off.

  14. Well, it has nothing to do with Star Wars so I think they might not let me make one.

  15. You should create a Social group for your rpg, cause then I know I would join.

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