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  1. Hey guys, sorry I didn't reply earlier. The past couple of days have been HECTIC! First off I'd like to say thanks to you guys who took your time to drop lines in this thread and give us encouragement to push on. Those asspats really make a difference, especially in the late stages of development when general project angst starts creeping in together with way too much crunching. Your positive comments matter. So, quick answer, we would love to be on GOG or Steam or any other service you might be lusting for, problem is: Signing with those big guys is not easy, especially as a small d
  2. Just dropping by to say that we finally have a release date! Get ready for MAY 18 when we go live on a bunch of different digital stores. Spread the word plz also: PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE Please show us struggling point 'n' click developers some support. Reaching out with this above the buzz is virtually impossible, and every single pre-order makes a difference. Thanks friends!
  3. I'm just updating to say we just started blasting out our preview build to the press, so if you're an author of internet propaganda, be sure to send us an email at info ├Ąt skygoblin . com and we'll be sure to hook you up with a copy! Chapter one is coming to PC and Mac in mid May 2012, with releases on iOS and Android to follow shortly thereafter. Read me rant about our development on @theowaern.
  4. It's finally here, the teaser trailer for The Journey Down: Chapter One. Please spam every single person you know with this teaser and help us spread the gospel! We need all the help we can get to be seen in the huge buzz that is the game industry. Thanks!
  5. I'm updating to say that we've now started chronicling our development on twitter, so if you're curious about more behind the scenes type info such as how we develop environments, etc, be sure to follow me, @theowaern on twitter. Above is a pic from a short video Henrik made while working on a short little cinematic for the Journey Down, watch the whole video on his twitter at @Henrik_Englund If you're more interested in the techy, real nerdy stuff, @skygoblinmarkus is the one you should follow. Hope to see you on twitter!
  6. I'm updating to say we pretty much wrapped up voice work on our last major character, Matoke, and that this means we're practically finished with ALL voice work for chapter one of The Journey Down. It has been one heck of a project to get all these actors and lines to do what we want them to, but finally this gigantic project is starting to wrap up. If you're interested in hearing some voice samples from Matoke or any of our other characters for that matter, be sure to have a peek at our dev blog, where every major character in the cast have their own spotlight.
  7. Thanks sanguinehearts! I appreciate it! Regarding spoiling the game by playing the low-res version, I guess there's a point in that if you look at it from a story perspective. The new version will contain quite a lot more puzzles than the free original, but it will definitely follow the original plot and story very faithfully. The only big difference there is that we've added quite a lot of backstory and "lore" to the new fancy HD version. Thanks again for your kind words! I hope we will be able to deliver to your expectations.
  8. Another update! We recently wrapped up implementation of all the core puzzles and key interactions of chapter one of The Journey Down and have now moved over to the actual polishing of it all. This phase should by no means be underestimated though, just the sheer size of the task of making bwana move to the correct location, turn to the correct angle, and play the correct animation on every single interaction we've got - is a gigantic one. In short, we seem to somehow magically still be on schedule and are still geared for a PC and Mac release some time by the end of March.
  9. Thanks Alex IDV. We decided to remove those silly banners anyways but I'm thankful that you pointed it out. I never seem to get those things right, heh. And, yes, The Journey Down is the name of the book they're all hunting for. Here's a new pic from the devblog by the way:D
  10. Thanks Alex IDV! Here are a couple of new screens to feast yer eyes on! Stay tuned for more
  11. Hey, just thought I'd share a pic from our dev-blog. Sketches from The Journey Down. Thousands of sketches. This should give people around here a clue or two regarding the effort behind this production.
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words a lot! Yes, we will do our best to release the Mac version on day one together with the PC version. The handheld versions however will likely come a month or two later. Pre-order will probably happen, but not until we're closer to wrapping it all up. Glad to hear you've got your wallet ready, anyhow
  13. Figured it was time for an update. We've been so busy churning out point-n-click sweetness, we forgot all about taking the time to get down and dirty with some good old spamming. We are slowly closing in on release after all, and with zero money for advertising, ranting on forums is just about our only option for being seen, pre release. Progress is moving along beautifully. We recently changed game engine from AGS to our own home-grown Gobby engine, which at a start pretty much put production to a complete stand still, but now that we've settled into the new milleu, it really turned out
  14. sanguinehearts: heh, I'll be sure to advertise the pre-order clearly when/if such an option becomes available Alex IDV: I wish I knew! We will launch it on as many sales platforms as possible, I can tell you that much. Getting on them doesn't seem like a very easy task though, so who knows? elTee: Thanks, man! As always, keep your eyes peeled on the dev-blog for updates!
  15. Thanks for the kind comments, guys! I appreciate 'em a lot! Encouragement at it's finest, truly! We finally got our new "The Journey Down" website up and running with a couple of brand new screenshots and other neat copy-paste-friendly junk on it! Here's a quick peek at a couple of the screenshots featured on the site: As always comments are appreciated, we love to hear people's thoughts on the stuff we create! Either here or on the devblog over at http://www.skygoblin.com. Don't forget to visit the website to see the rest of the screenies. Also, please give us some swe
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