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  1. We made it! Funded at 136%! We've been running our independent studio SkyGoblin for ten years now. We decided to share some of our stories (with all of its glorious ups and painful downs) in a short mini-documentary. I hope you'll find it interesting! If you take a look. please drop me a line and say what you think! Thank You!
  2. Hey all! German localization confirmed! As part of a promo for our The Journey Down kickstarter, we're hosting another quiz where you can win steam keys for some pretty neat games. Basically it's about guessing where certain pictures are from, here's an example (mirrored to make it trickier): If you think you've got what it takes, why not give it a shot! The five first people to get all the answers right will get steam keys for The Samaritan Paradox as well as Steamworld Dig. (The latter one admittedly not being a point and click adventure, but a good game nonetheless!)
  3. Yeah we made it! Working on the stretch goals now. Full speed ahead!
  4. Update: we're at 90% funded and moving along nicely! And here's a brand new video update with some greetings from our cast!
  5. We've made our first kickstarter update, please check it out! The game is going strong at 67% funded, with 25 days to go. I'm starting to feel pretty confindent that we might actually be able to pull this off! Hence the dance. Anything you can do to help spread the word is immensely appreciated. If you're already a backer (I love you!) please take a moment to visit the comments section and drop by and say hi. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Please check out the kickstarter too. It's doin' good but can always use more support.
  7. Here's a sketch of the TJD3 title screen. Kickstarter launches in 8 days! Holy smokes!
  8. Thanks zoom rabbit! Glad you like it! I hope this update is to your liking as well! It's not ready but certainly getting there. Just wait until you get to see this animated! (It will be in the kickstarter pitch video!) Click for larger version! (And do let me know if it's too dark, or something. difficult knowing, I've only seen it on my own monitor!) Thanks. The kickstarter will launch on October 1st and we're currently trying to get people to spread the word via thunderclap. If you wanna donate a tweet or fb share there, I'd be incredibly grateful. It's really painless and there's no signup required. Seeing we have virtually no money for getting exposure we're really dependent on friends and fans to help us reach out with the campaign, thunderclap is great for that! Huge thanks for checking this out, you're awesome! t
  9. Sanguinehearts: Thanks, dude! We've been spending the past few weeks working on the pitch video, and in doing so, I've been working on a new street scene from TJD3 that will feature briefly in the video. Here's a dirty work in progress shot from the Lightwave viewport.
  10. Hey guys! Remember The Journey Down? The afro-noir adventure game hailed for so successfully ripping off Grim Fandango? Well, the third and final chapter is in the making and coming along beautifully! We'll be launching a kickstarter in october to help wrap up funding for the last leg of development and I figured I'd be a complete dolt if I didn't make a thread about that here. So, from now on, expect project updates right here! As you can probably tell, the setting has shifted somewhat. It's no longer film noir, but rather an eighties/nineties action move type mood. And we're LOVING working with it. :hearteyes: If anyone's curious, here's a new interview I did at gamescom about our current state: (youtube) The TJD3 soundtrack is being produced by Jamie Salisburry, the insanely talented guy who took over after my good friend Simon passed. The soundtrack too, features a substantially different mood than the previous games, but don't worry, there will be saxophone. There will always be saxophone in TJD! And here's a sneak peek at some of the new and old characters featured in TJD3: Expect more shiny pics as we progress in working with our kickstarter campaign materal! And please don't be shy with your feedback. Thanks for taking your time!
  11. Hey guys, sorry I didn't reply earlier. The past couple of days have been HECTIC! First off I'd like to say thanks to you guys who took your time to drop lines in this thread and give us encouragement to push on. Those asspats really make a difference, especially in the late stages of development when general project angst starts creeping in together with way too much crunching. Your positive comments matter. So, quick answer, we would love to be on GOG or Steam or any other service you might be lusting for, problem is: Signing with those big guys is not easy, especially as a small dev with no real previous track-record and ALSO the big issue of the game being episodic..... Believe me, we are doing our best though and who knows, maybe given some time, we'll be ubiquotious. (spell?) As for boxed version we are actually discussing this with several different potential partners right now but there has been nothing decided yet. Anyhow we had a great launch and have gotten lots of lovin' reviews so far, if you're curious, here are a couple that may push you over the "buy now" precipice. Adventuregamers.com 4/5 Gamezebo.com 4/5 Indie Game Magazine 87% Thank you, once again, for the kind words.
  12. Just dropping by to say that we finally have a release date! Get ready for MAY 18 when we go live on a bunch of different digital stores. Spread the word plz also: PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE Please show us struggling point 'n' click developers some support. Reaching out with this above the buzz is virtually impossible, and every single pre-order makes a difference. Thanks friends!
  13. I'm just updating to say we just started blasting out our preview build to the press, so if you're an author of internet propaganda, be sure to send us an email at info ├Ąt skygoblin . com and we'll be sure to hook you up with a copy! Chapter one is coming to PC and Mac in mid May 2012, with releases on iOS and Android to follow shortly thereafter. Read me rant about our development on @theowaern.
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