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  1. its on about 9 out of 10 of the very first results when you google "jedi academy cheat codes"... i dont know where you were looking lol
  2. those are some really cool tracks! keep it up
  3. usually you gotta wait a while, some people frequent these forums every few weeks, some even months. you gotta be patient if you want good help. my only other suggestion is to visit filefront forums. they get a little more traffic than LF; thyere a little busier, but you can probably find the same people there.
  4. although many times i think you argue for the sake of arguing, im going to have to agree with you on this.
  5. no problem; sorry i couldnt be of more help. i would ask Tinny, katanamaru, Kurgan, and -=*Raz0r*=-. they usually know what theyre talking about.
  6. hmm, well i dont know much about editing .dll files, sorry. but i do know that its possible to make just by editing the .sab files in the assets. so if thats possible, im sure there are simple ways of modifying the assets to get the effect you want. i, however, do not know how exactly to do what youre asking. if it DOES require a change to the .dll, i cant help you, sorry. if it requires a code change, it wont be possible for singleplayer, because we only have the multiplayer source code. sorry i couldnt be of more help, but there are a lot of knowledgable people on these forums who know a lot more than i do. im sure someone will help you out.
  7. i dont believe what youre asking for is possible. im guessing what you mean is that you want, for example, to be able to use the force to spin your single lightsaber around you, when you have dual sabers enabled but only one of them is active? or if you have a saber staff but only one side of it is open, you want to be able to perform the staff kata? im not sure thats possible, but what IS possible is a simple animation change that would allow you to use dual saber animations when you only have a single saber enabled. for example, when you only have a single saber, the animation change would allow your kata to throw the saber and have it spin around you, like the dual kata. the thing is, you would have to choose one or the other: staff or dual. that way, if you changed the single saber kata to a staff kata animation, then whenever you have dual sabers and you "put one away" so youre only using a single saber, you would perform staff katas with that single saber. i dont believe its possible to do what youre asking, because that would require changing the single saber animations to dual for dual sabers, and to staff for saber staffs. what is possible is changing the single saber animations to one or the other. the most i could do in the way of a mod is make two separate pk3s for you, one of them changing single saber animations to staff animations, and the other changing single saber animation to dual animations. you would have to pick one at a time to use though, they wouldnt work together.
  8. its definitely been documented before. when i first started looking up cheats for jedi outcast (that was back in 2004, i think) i found it on just about every site i tried. it was the same way when i bought jedi academy around 2006. this is one of the most well known cheats, other than "god" and "noclip" and "notarget".
  9. i agree; pakscape is a modders best friend. its so so easy to modify the assets; i fool around with npc and saber and effects files all the time. great fun. adds so many new dimensions to the game when you can customize pretty much anything you want. i remember when i first started editing the assets, i went way overboard just for fun and made massive 200 foot lightsabers and stuff. pretty cool, lol
  10. oops, my bad again. i ALSO forgot to tell you, you have to add "saberStyleLearned" lines for fast, medium, and strong too; otherwise you will ONLY have tavion and desann. like i said, its been a while. sorry. EDIT: ok, just tried it out. yup, you definitely also have to add the "saberStyleLearned" line for fast, medium and strong as well. works like a charm. cycles through all five very nicely.
  11. yeah. sorry, i havent edited sab files for a while, but "saberstyleforbidden" is a valid line, so i assumed it would be in there. ignore that part, and add "saberStyleLearned tavion" and "saberStyleLearned desann" anyway. my bad.
  12. 1) download pakscape. 2) using pakscape, open the assets1.pk3 in your base folder (base folder probably located at "c:\program files\lucasarts\star wars jedi academy\gamedata\base" if you use windows). *before editing the assets1.pk3, go to your jka base folder and copy the assets1.pk3 file. paste the copy somewhere else, as long as its not in the base folder. youll need this backup file in case you screw something up. youll only need this step if you edit the assets1.pk3, not if you create a new .pk3 file. i recommend just creating a new pak file with pakscape. its easier, faster, and less problematic.* 3) within the assets1.pk3 file, follow this file path: "assets1\ext_data\sabers" 4) in the sabers folder, youll see all the sabers in the game. choose the one you like to use (or all of them) and copy the file. 5) paste the file somewhere outside pakscape. you can use your desktop, this will only be temporary. after youre done with the whole process, you can delete these copies. *be sure to copy and paste the file before you edit it, otherwise your changes will not be saved, even if you click save.* 6) open the saber file and add these lines: saberStyleLearned tavion saberStyleLearned desann within the brackets. and erase these lines: saberStyleForbidden tavion saberStyleForbidden desann 7) here you have two options: 1:save the file, and cut and past the saved file back into your assets1.pk3 in pakscape, in the same place you copied it from originally, with the other sabers. 2:save the file, and cut and paste it into an entirely new file in pakscape. this will make it save faster, but youll have to make sure to make the filepath exactly the same, meaning: "ext_data\sabers" so create a folder called ext_data, and inside that, another called sabers. (this filepath is important, and its the only part of this process that isnt easier than editing the assets1.pk3.) put your new file in that. if you created a new pak file: save the new pak file in your base folder. name it whatever you want, and make sure you save it as a .pk3, not as a .zip file. if you saved it into the already existing assets1.pk3: click save and youre done. this should allow you to use all the saberstyles.
  13. youre right. i guess i didnt mean "port" exactly. i just meant that the ideas in the mods would be good for a new game, even if they had to be completely remade to fit the new engine. my bad. i didnt word that correctly. thats a good point, i suppose. i guess i have to agree with you there. raven didnt have time or money to come up with stuff as good as the modders. realistically speaking you cant blame them. but thats why i was saying that they should ask the modders for rights to their ideas. the numerous mods that have been released are good material, at least for conceptualizing aspects of a new game. i agree, the modders have it easier because they are provided with the foundation of an already existing game, but raven had a development team consisting of more than just one person. im sure they had specific people assigned to certain tasks. it was just a few guys sharing all the responsibilities. im just saying raven should use people more like these modders... find more creative mappers, modelers, etc. you know? this is all assuming there will be a jk4, of course, which is an unlikely possibility anyway, unfortunately.
  14. i know a game isnt made out of a bunch of mods, you dont need to insult my intelligence to get your point across. first of all, i know the quake 3 engine is old, but it was old when they used it for jedi academy and it still worked pretty well. secondly, the vast majority of the fan base for the jedi knight games are either modders or people who enjoy using mods, so it wouldnt be a bad idea to use an engine that facilitated modding. in fact, it would be a very good idea. third, even if the new game doesnt use the q3 engine (i know, by now its so old that it would be much more obsolete than it was when they used it for jka) im sure there would be ways to port mods from jka to jk4. im just saying, even if they dont use the mods i mentioned in particular, they should at least consult the modders, who have proven themselves capable, for ideas. the mods i listed in the thread post are all really good mods, and like i said, are a lot better than most of what raven put in the game. the people who made them are creative and their ideas would make a new game that much better.
  15. if jk4 uses the same engine, the modifications would only have to be changed a little bit, if at all, to work on the new game. jko mods work perfectly on jka. and they would be paid a commission (or at least asked permission of) because its their work.
  16. or at least pay them a commission to use their mod in the game, even if you wouldnt hire them for an actual development job, you know?
  17. most of these modders ARE programmers, modelers, and animators; thats what im trying to say. the people i mentioned, as well as many others, have extraordinary talent.
  18. i have one thing to say. to anyone who takes upon themself the task of creating the next Jedi Knight game: Jedi Academy has morphed into something so much richer than it ever would have been on its own, because of MODDERS. if you make a new game, find some of the better modders and commission them to let you use their stuff. there are myriad professional-quality modders out there whose work would be invaluable in the Jedi Knight game. they should all be at least considered. these modders are the people who ought to be your main developers. at least ask them. the modders of the JKA community have forever changed the way JKA is played, and you would be wise to include them in your new game as much as possible. at least just ask. anyway, thats my two cents. spend it wisely.
  19. Wow, thanks man. Really, really helpful. @alexrd ive heard that in TFU theres a lot of commands that pop up on the screen telling you to push certain buttons to accomplish objectives for certain situations. that sound to me like it would detract from the feeling of control i had over in-game action. how do you feel about that? does it make it seem like you have less control because there are certain actions you can only perform in certain situations?
  20. for the benefit of future readers on this thread.
  21. open the assets0.pk3 of your base folder, using a program such as pakscape. inside that, youll find a subfolder labeled ext_data. open that, and find the npcs.cfg file. when you open the config file, youll find all the parameters of all the npcs in the game. i believe the line to change HP is: health X X being the number of HP. so a regular 100 hp npc has health 100 but a boss like desann has health 500 you can fool around with the other parameters to if you want, to change other aspects of the npcs. just be careful to save the original file somewhere else first in case you want to go back to the original default settings, or if you do something that messes up the game or corrupts the file. if the mod is just a single .pk3 file, put it directly in your base folder and see if that works. if the mod contains several .pk3 files, youll need to create a new subfolder in your gamedata folder and put all the .pk3 files in that. label it anything, the name of the mod will do. then you should see it in your mods menu, and you should be able to load it. if all else fails, you can create a batch file and use the line jk2sp +set fs_game "name-of-mod" if its a singleplayer mod or jk2mp +set fs_game "name-of-mod" if its a multiplayer mod. make sure that the "name-of-mod" matches exactly the name of the subfolder in your gamedata folder which contains the mod .pk3 files. also, make sure to include the quotation marks in the batch file line. when youve finished making and saving the batch file, all you have to do is click on it and the game will load directly to the mod, so you wont have to search for it in your mod menu. i would say the most popular. to this day, i only play JediMod when i play JO multiplayer. once you play the saberist 1.2 extension, there is no going back to JO vanilla sadly, the saberist 1.2 extension for JediMod is only available on massassi.net, and they seem to be dying. it seems every other day their site is down, and i dont doubt that it will soon be gone for good. dont get me wrong, JediMod is a great mod by itself, but if anyone wants the saberist 1.2 extension (which, in my opinion, makes JO multiplayer gameplay good enough to rival jedi academy) just shoot me a pm and we can work something out.
  22. what can i say? they appeal to the masses. apparently there are masses of little kids out there who like star wars video games. back in my day little kids colored pictures and played outside, and video games were reserved for people with better motor skills, strategic thought processes, and hand-eye coordination (aka teenagers, adults)... but apparently thats changed. i guess you cant blame lucasarts... they do what they can to make money and apparently this is what people want these days.
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