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  1. yeah i understand that; i was just thinking, if you change the actual shooting animation itself to be a little more hunched over it would seem more combat realistic... i mean, who stands up straight like that when theyre getting shot at ya know?
  2. the file is not set to read only. as a matter of fact, i tried setting it to read only AFTER i had made my changes so that it could not be overwritten but when i booted up the game again, i went back and the game had changed it anyway. i dont think i was playing in safe mode. should i be?
  3. thanks whats the maximum you can set the damagescale to? and can you go ahead and give all the possible line entries for a .sab file? apparently my game defaults to base with most of the contents of the .sab files... also, i still experiment with using movie duels 2 assets in regular JA, and i was wondering: where in the assets folder are saber styles kept? because in movie duels 2, galen mareks backhand saber has a style of its own, unique to the others. so where are saber styles kept in the assets?
  4. im using the clone ultima mod, and when i bind commands to keys in-game or through manually opening the jaconfig file in the mod folder, the changes i make do not return the next time i play the game with that mod. when i go back and check the jaconfig file in the mod folder, it has overwritten all my binds and changed everything back to default. this is unbelievably aggravating and i am extremely frustrated. please help.
  5. i was wondering if anyone knew of (or is willing to make?) an animation mod that does three things: 1) changes the "roll" animation into more of a battlefront 2 type roll (you know, more like a diving roll, not the jedi knight series "roll") 2) changes the walking and running animations to be more realistic. by realistic i mean, none of this stupid jedi knight series animation that makes the player look as though he is trying to present perfect posture with a rigid back and minimal arm movement while blasting his enemies to pieces. i mean, come on! i want some call of duty or (again) battlefront 2 running (you know, head ducked, arms furiously pumping... in short: combat running, not exercise jogging) 3) and finally, adds a good arm swinging animation to the throwable weapons (detonations packs, trip mines, and thermal detonators) whats up with this "grenades simply popping out of your hand through no apparent intention or action on your part" thing?! so if anyone is willing to make a mod meeting these specifications i would really appreciate it. i would try to myself, but the jedi academy SDK doesnt work on my computer, nor do any of the programs that came with it (modview, etc) so i am unable to mod please please please somebody find or make a mod like this! it would make jedi academy so much indescribably better! thanks you.
  6. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=207461... that should help; i had the same problem i dont consider it cheating if it does nothing to make gameplay easier. if youre only changing things that enhance appearance i wouldnt call you a cheater. i think theres a difference between cheating and enhancing.
  7. perfect summary, i agree completely. and yes, mace windu is a total pimp, hahaha.
  8. when i use pakscape to open my .sab files there is no "damagescale" line, it only shows the following: single_1 { name @MENUS_SINGLE_HILT1 saberType SABER_SINGLE saberModel "models/weapons2/saber_1/saber_1.glm" soundOn "sound/weapons/saber/saberon.wav" soundLoop "sound/weapons/saber/saberhum4.wav" soundOff "sound/weapons/saber/saberoff.wav" saberLength 40 saberColor random } why is this happening and what should i do about it? im opening the .sab files with notepad; is there a better program i should use?
  9. seta g_MouseSensitivity "1-100" i think... im not totally sure.
  10. so... i didnt really know which forum to post this under cuz i dont play the game... so i just chose "republic holonet". so guys, the question: is The Old Republic basically the "World of Warcraft" of Star Wars? i havent bought or played it, but from what ive gathered, its basically a Star Wars themed mmorpg. if someone could give me a *brief* summary of this game, its pros and cons, aspects of gameplay, plotline, etc, i would appreciate it. thanks, and maybe i will be joining your Old Republic universe soon! p.s. and yes, i know i can find summaries of it pretty much anywhere i look, but i like to get an insider opinion about games... the firsthand account of someone who already plays the game.
  11. indeed; haha. the playermodel part is a little confusing, but the readme sums it up pretty well. download it, mcdohl; youll see.
  12. hey if you want to play a movie battles server we can set up a date and time and play! do you like full authentic or semi authentic more? i want to have actual full-scale movie battles, so well need probably at the very least 6 to 8 people.

  13. ill play too! tell me the name of the server and the time, and ill be there!
  14. katanamaru's backhand mod is pretty good http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Katanamaru_Backhand_Styles;117204
  15. nope, im running with a clean base folder; and i dont know whats wrong, but ill try the Jedi Academy version, thanks!
  16. im not using cheats, because the readme said not to, and i did see that imperial cutscene but then it ended and i was just standing in the same place. not knowing what to do...
  17. as many of you know, and many of you dont, there is an amazing mod called FlufMod (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/FlufMod_095_Beta_;118141) that revolutionizes Jedi Academy gameplay, especially in MP. i love this mod, and would use it all the time if i could. however, i have a problem, as usual. when i open the profile customization in MP, it lets me choose my character and force powers, but when i proceed to open the saber selection screen, the game crashes. every time. im running with a clean base folder, and i even removed the extra FlufMod sabers from the mod folder to see if that helped. but even without custom FlufMod sabers, the saber selection screen crashes the game when i use FlufMod. i am at a loss. why is this happening? all the other aspects of the mod work great. if it werent for this problem, FlufMod would be an amazing mod; it even adds new force powers! but this saber thing really gets me. help please?
  18. ok thanks! hey do you know where i could find all the possible lines for editing an NPC file? i want to know ALL the possible variables that can go into an NPC.
  19. hey thanks a ton! not only did that help me figure out the move i wanted, but i also found out how to do Boss Kyles "stranglehold-throw" move using the kata with "W" or "up" achieves the move i asked about; using "S" or "down" when theyre behind you does the kyle move. thanks a bunch!
  20. hmm well then that would be a cool mod if it could unlimit the number of textures, and not just maps/models...
  21. thanks! ill try that and see if it works.
  22. i have JA Unlimited, which unlimits the number of files you can have in your base folder. also, some of the maps started working when i used them with a clean base folder, but many still lacked textures. two new questions: first, is there a way around this problem if youre using a clean base folder, or does that mean theres something wrong with the map, and not your base? if so, is there a way i can fix these maps? secondly, is there a JA Unlimited type mod that will allow me to have as many files in my base as i want without missing textures? why do textures go missing when you use a lot of files simultaneously? that doesnt make sense to me...
  23. true. very true. like i said, i guess i was just expecting something as good as Outcast plot-wise, and it definitely wasnt, so i was probably more disappointed than i should have been.
  24. and i think Battlefront has better music than the Jedi Knight games... yes, i know they both use original star wars tracks, but i like the selections in Battlefront II more than those in Outcast or Academy... i really like the Episode III soundtrack. the Mustafar duel music is so epic. haha just thought i would put that out there, cuz i didnt feel like starting a new thread...
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