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  1. Sorry for the correction but the ratings actually were 9-10/10. The lowest rating the game got was an 8.5. Believe me, i'm the uber fan of this game..... i know everything AND I MEAN EVERYTHING about it. Go ahead ask me if you dont believe me......(Not trying to sound mean or offensive in any way.)
  2. Oh YOU made that video..... yeah i already signed it and everything! Brutal Legend is byfar my favorite video game because im such a metalhead. I wanna be a character in the game... it'd be SOOO AWESOME lol i sound like a little kid haha.... but yeah they should have some kind of contest early in development and whoever wins gets a spot as a character in the game.....
  3. What do you mean you can't play online? And what do you mean that you passed the history?
  4. Actually on the altar... leg... car... thing, if you just dont go anywhere hell do that.... then walk a little bit and he'll say more stuff if you just take it slow... but thats also in the real game... just sayin
  5. Yeah same here melting faces would be pretty cool, but what about summoning the Hextadon?
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