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  1. When I bought this game about a month ago, I played it for about three hours. I thought it was a wee bit better than I expected from many of the reviews I had read. I tried logging in to something like the Training Room, I think, and may have mistyped my login info. Now, every time I start the game, the splash screen comes up like normal (after the stick figure throws the lightsaber then jumps over it), where it blinks "Press Enter." When I do hit enter, it says: "Warning: Failed to Log In (Online Connection Failure). The only button to press is one that has the word "Confirm" on it. When I hit that, there are usually three slots that looked like save spots in the game and in the lower left I have the option to "New Game." When I do this, it crashes. I have uninstalled, deleted everything in the Program Files, and reinstalled half a dozen times. I have tried starting in offline mode. I need help with this.
  2. Ah, it's from using a cheat! I didn't realize how I screwed myself. Why do the cheats exist then? Dad gum!
  3. I have it through Steam. I don't know if that makes a difference.
  4. No. I saw Mission and Zaalbar, but I guess said the wrong thing on one of the "choose your own adventure" conversations and they walked away. T3 I went back to buy after I saved Bastila. I escaped the planet and never had them in my party.
  5. Oh. It's pretty late in the game to get screwed... that blows.
  6. How do you know they're related if you don't know what the problem is?
  7. Well on Kashyyyk, Zaalbar came in as part of the story even though he wasn't in my party. He was held prisoner and helped set the Wookiees free, then disappeared again. So now I'm past all that; I know HK-47 doesn't join the party until Tatooine, which I saved for last, but after the space battle upon leaving the Leviathan, I can't go anywhere or do anything. I'm just drifting in the Ebon Hawk with my not-quite-full party.
  8. Somehow as I progressed through the game, I didn't team up with Mission, Zaalbar, HK-47, or T3-M4. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Anyone ever have this happen?
  9. In KOTOR, I've gotten all of the star maps save one. The only planet I have left to visit is Tatooine. I just fought Malak for the first time at the point when Bastila hold him off while you make your escape. You then man the turrets for a little space battle. Once that's all done, I'm on board the Ebon Hawk... and stuck. I can talk to everyone, but can't proceed to Tatooine. I've never encountered this before. Any ideas would be most welcome.
  10. When I have stacked forces, how do I unstack them? I am a new player so I'm not far in the game. I need to separate 3P0/R2 from some ground troops so they can do a spy mission, but don't know how. Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
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