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  11. btw, i found out that what i was looking for is apparently termed by the manufacturers as a "flight stick", just in case you all were curious.
  12. @Jamps: that's what i thot. @Lynk: u just cant steer a starship with a d-pad or a pair of "analog" sticks (that's what sony calls them) with the same artistic precision as you can with a proper joystick, and i do pride myself on the finesse of my flying. @ ALL: i'll keep searching the web. thanks for the input, though, guys, and please let me know if u see anything that fits what i'm looking for.
  13. yeah, i noticed about the games. the RS 2 and 3 i'm looking at are like a dollar each. and by joystick, i'm not talking about those dinky things on controllers that u operate with one finger. i mean wrap one hand around it, trigger button for the primary weapon and another button for the secondary weapon, throttle, camera control button, definite X and Z axes, joystick.
  14. any way to circumvent that? after all, flying games _are_ best played with a joystick.
  15. does anyone know where i can find rogue squadron 2 and 3 for pc? i want to buy them, but i can only find the ones for nintendo systems.
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