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  1. The Republic has fallen, and Emperor Palpatine rules the Galaxy with an iron fist. Order 66 and Palpatine's disciple, Darth Vader, has wiped out nearly all of the Jedi Order. One Jedi Master has managed to survive the destruction of the Order. That Master, Logan Fetton, a former General during the Clone Wars, travels the Galaxy in search of others to rebuild the Order and stem the tide of darkness that threatens to overtake the Force. Together, with his Padawan and the crew of his ship, Fetton searches for others; Knights, Padawans, Adepts, and anyone else who can help them in their quest to rebuild the Order and fight the deadly Sith that has emerged. Star Wars: Ashes of the Republic takes place in the year 18BBY, just after the events of Episode III. It is a NOVA based sim, and we are currently recruiting players to join us in our mission. Or website is: http://swaotr.webatu.com/ We are currently looking for a large variety of players to join the crew of the Relentless. Anything from Jedi Knight to Smuggler is available to play and would be welcome among our team. Take a look and join up today!
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