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  1. Well having N7 Slayer Armor from ME3 will be cool. Also For ****s and giggles having different version of the Slayer Armor for few planets. 2 Examples, Taris: Urban Camo Slayer Armor(Black/white/grey) Upgradeable: +2 Strength +2 Dexterity +3 Stealth and Awareness Melee Weapons Feat Tree +1 to Health and Force Regen Tattioone: Bounty Hunter: (brown) +2 Strength and Constitution +3 Stealth/Awareness Blaster Feat Tree +1 to Health Force Regen
  2. you are welcome. Also If you have Kotor Saved Game Editior, you can modify your build to be whatever you want. For example, a more combat friendly Scoundrel/Jedi Sentinel with the KSE, you can make your character's Strength to near insane heights. Like having 98 Strength is what I do consider to be insanely high.
  3. for the Skills Repair, Select Scout. With my playstyle, LvL 8 is my goal for 3 reasons, 1) Superb Saving Throws 2) Implant lvl 3 3) Uncanny Dodge lvl 2 For RPing purposes only, Name the reason why your character is aiming for a certain level up to lvl 8. Well Jedi Master Feat is at level 12, With Your character desires to be a Jedi Guardian, so he would stop at the lvl 8 at the highest. Plan ahead with the class combination: A flexible guide for you. Soldier: Good Fighters, Good Tanking. Strength, Dexterity and Constution are important. Jedi Guardian: Good Fighters, Good Tanking, Decent Force User, Force Jump. Like Soldier, Strength, Dexterity, and Constution are important. Scouts: Good Skills, Good Saving Throws, Free Implant Feat Tree, Free Uncanny Dodge. Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom are important Jedi Sentinel: Good Skills, Force Immunity Tree(able resist Mind Effecting abilities), Decent Fighter, Decent Force User. Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom are important. Scoundrel: Great Skills, Sneak Attacks, Scoundrel's Luck ability. Dexterity, Intelligence and Charisma are important. Jedi Consular: Decent Skills, Force Focus(Increase Diffculty Checks on Force abilities), Strong in the Force. Wisdom and Charisma are important for Jedi Consulars No matter what, you can't go wrong.
  4. I do think I do know what I want with the Jedi Shadow class. Jedi Shadow: Feat Table: Jedi Sentinel Skills Points: 6 Saving Throws: Scout Feat Progression: I haven't decided yet Force Progression: Jedi Sentinel Skills Table: Scoundrel Class Attack Bonus: CLS_ATTACK_1 Also I am not above adding other Jedi Classes like Jedi BattleMaster and Jedi Watchman Other related things: I might need some help; I am wondering if it would be possible to unlock Sneak Attack for all classes. Same with the Lightsaber Specialization, Melee Weapon Specialization, Blaster Pistol Specialization for many of the classes. Also I am wondering if someone can make a script when the player encounters Juhani to get Force Camofluage for the Player Character. Also giving Both Juhani and PC better stealth belt/hides. For example, A stealth belt/hide that gives Stealth +10, Awarenss +10, Security +10 Defense +10, Attack +10
  5. if we go that route, I have 3 Potential Jedi Classes if you are interested.
  6. Well How can you script them into the actual game itself? Will they be force abilities or feats or Hides or armbands? I am a n00bie comes to scripting and modding in general.
  7. Ataru versus Juyo It is about Drive, skill, lightsaber, terrain and level headedness are key. Neither are superior to each other if left alone. but the fighters are key. Raw wise, Maul's Juyo mastery trumps Obi Wan's Ataru Expertise. But Maul was a dumbass in letting his guard down.
  8. http://www.gamefront.com/files/files/21219679/96content_pack_1.zip It has Echani martial art style avaible for both unarmed and Melee Weapons for the Normal Unarmored and Jedi Robe builds. Dark Rage is great for Dark Jedi Player Characters for it uses Strength modifier to all offensive Force abilities. it is a good mod.
  9. keep in mind that Obi Wan didn't master Ataru until later in life. RofS Obi Wan is a master of Soresu and Ataru. the main difference with Padawan Obi Wan and Sith Apprentice Darth Maul, Darth Maul is more of a max/min Sith Warrior/Dark Jedi Guardian with Dark Rage, Niman/Juyo/Teras Kersai hybrid style. And Obi Wan is more of budding Generalist and roleplaying. Also Darth Maul's training was designed to kill Jedi of all levels but Obi Wan's training was against Non Lightsaber duelist like Criminals and other nasties in the galaxy. Darth Maul has the skill to defeat Obi Wan and lacks the Focus at the End. Duels are finished if One person is dead, surrenders or escapes. One of the Reasons Darth Maul had the edge during the duel is due to that Obi Wan was being stupid with his anger. Maul understood his anger and used it as a weapon, Obi Wan didn't know how to do that. Unfocus anger is a weakness, conversely Focused Anger is an asset.
  10. How do I convert the XML Files into normal files so they can register in the main game itself? or am I being an idiot?
  11. also I am generally interested in class balancing as well. any help will be appreciated.
  12. 1. can I change CLS_ATK_2 to CLS_ATK_1? 2. Is it possible to give Sneak attack and Uncanny Dodge to a Jedi Class? 3. How can I improve Saving throws? 4. Is it possible to give a PC an ability similar to Juhani's Force Camofluage and make it work? 5. Name Changes For example Jedi Sentinel to Jedi Shadow, Can it be possible to do that?
  13. at the morgue of Peragus, the Doctor did said that the Ebon hawk had bodies. Also Revan supposed returned to Korriban to remove other sith within the LS storyline.
  14. Attack/To Hit bonus for Lightsabers is Dexterity. High Strength for all melee damage.
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