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    I am a author, i have almost finished my own book, and its really good, but i have always wanted to write a star wars novel, i am THE BIGGEST star wars fan in the world! And have so so many great idea's just boiling in my mind from all era's.
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    Writing books, playing video games, watching movies, American Football
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    Google Chrome
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    Knights of the Old Repiblic
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  1. I am not a huge fan of the movies, the books i love with a passion, the movies how ever could have been far better. I only liked the first two, the films alone are excellent, and then when the deleted scenes are added, they get even better. I liked the final two-part 7th film, David Yates i believe directed it, well he did a really good job with what they gave him. I like the first two better because they added alot more of the books into the films, making it more cannon, and for me and others, more enjoyable. Go ahead and answer the poll honestly
  2. I've been playing swgemu for a little bit now and i can't say I'm honestly enjoying it. I am a SWG NGE gamer, i fell in love with the NGE version of the game, i really do not like pre-CU pre-NGE style. But i cannot find any NGE private servers! So here it is, #1 Are there ANY NGE private servers? #2 IF there are no NGE private servers then i will have to make one for myself, but i also cant find any guides on how to make a SWG private server, any guides you know of? Thank you
  3. The new incredible MMO Star Wars the Old Republic came out around Christmas, and i love the sith warrior armor. In many of the cutscenes you'll see sith dressed in long black robes, a little bit of thin armor protection their limbs under the robes, and a Reven like mask covering their face. You can see what i mean by watching the Alderaan Trailer on youtube/swtor.com I would love a suit of this armor added to the game for Darksiders. Maybe a White/blue Jedi version too? Would be a great idea.
  4. I don't know why I haven't seen or heard anyone else suggest this, Why not make a Ahsoka tano skin for mission. Change her skin to orange, make her a Togruta, and give her the Ahsoka clothing (Leather top, skirt, Weird white things on her legs etc etc.) I request some one to make me a skin for mission of Ahsoka Thank you!
  5. Hey guys check out my first Fanfic "Duel of Fates" give feedback and get in to the story :)

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