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  1. Hey peeps, I don't ant you to panic. But! You are now in the presence of the astounding, the amazing, the incredible, the incomprehensible, the intellectual, the absolutely not conceited MASTERWEAVER, Teller of tales and bard of awesomeness! AND! I have determined to UTILIZE MY AWESOMENESS to REBOOT THE RP BOARD! That's right. Should you wish to role play... well, I've got something going on RIGHT NOW that is worth LOOKING AT! So start posting a little more regularly, because I'm going to bring my own swarm o' friends over and YOU DON'T WANT TO DROWN IN THEM! Also I'm a black leather robe that is capable of walking and talking of its own violation. Don't ask, I was born this way.
  2. Ford Cruller paced around the small room, glancing at the holoscreens with his asymmetrical eyes. The selected agents' paperwork had already been processed by Sasha Nein, quickly and efficiently as usual. It was only a short while before they would all be here for their mission briefing. Still, it got so damn quiet here during the winter. The aging agent was eager to have guests... even on official business. So it was unsurprising that he was a little bit impatient. "What could be taking them so long? It's not that hard to jump into a hollow tree stump in the middle of the snow, is it?" Glaring at the tree stump in his own sanctuary, he crossed his arms. A few seconds afterward, Milla levitated out. "I'm sorry that we're late, Ford, but a snowbank buried the tree stump near the parking lot. It took us ten minutes to melt enough just to find it!" "Ah." Ford uncrossed his arms, slightly sheepish. "Well, that's not a problem." The psychomaster nodded at the individuals now leaping out of the stump. "Hello there, all of you! Now, before we get down to business, why don't you all introduce yourselves? This mission will almost definitely rely on teamwork, and I don't want you to be working with people you don't know nothing about!" Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Hey, noticed this board was dead! Well, I can't have that. So: if you want to join, intro yourselves in character and use HIDDEN /HIDDEN tags to give me a profile. No, you can't play as any of the camp kids.... or the other characters from the game. Heck, it'd probably be best if most of you were in the teen-to-young adult area of life. Although I don't mind kids.
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