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  1. Good News! You are not required to play!!
  2. I don't understand the complaint about the subscription fee. 15 bucks.. really is not a lot for what you get in return. If you go see one movie at a theatre.. you spend at least that much for 2 hours of entertainment and like someone else has pointed out.. new games for consoles are expensive and come out frequently. I know right now my sons have a few on their lists.. Saints Row 3, the next Halo game and a few others.. I will easily spend hundreds of dollars on getting those games for my kids.. then 3 months later.. they will want some other new game that retails at 60 bucks. not to mention the XBOX Live subscription (which I am happy to pay for my boys).. is 12 bucks a month and is needed to play the games online. So to me, anyone complaining about the 15 bucks a month is using it as an excuse to not like the game.. because they don't have an income. As far as graphics being dated... hahaha... you cannot judge this game by screenshots or the small videos you have seen. The environments, character and mob detail are some of the best I've seen and yes, I have experienced them first hand. Space (while on Rails...) is really very visually appealing. the class quests, the companions, instances are all very unique to this game and keep me engaged. This game is very much at your own pace. There are some group quests sprinkled in here and there, but these quests are not required to complete in order to progress. your companion is enough to keep you solo.. as much as you want. some companions heal.. others tank while others are DPS. they are all very helpful. such as the inquisitor, have the tank companion couldn't be better. You can upgrade your companions equipment the same as you do your own character.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I've been in beta for TOR and I love the game.. I can't wait to play it at retail. Yes, I know that SWG did not have Jump to Lightspeed at launch.. but they had also told everyone that they planned to add space travel / combat in their first expansion, which they did the next year. If Bioware has commented that they have plans to expand on or revamp the space aspect of The Old Republic, I'm cool with that and I'll be happy to wait to see it. The game at launch should be enough to keep me glued to my PC for a good long time.. without any content added for a while.
  4. Gold Sellers and their inevitable spam? The currency in game is credits... so the market will be there. I know it is usually a losing battle in most games and players have probably become accustomed to receiving these tels and seeing their spam in all general chat channels. Some games seem to have given up on fighting the tide.. while other MMORPG's actually do a pretty good job combatting these guys. Has Bioware made any statements regarding this?
  5. From what I have seen, ships will offer storage and a place for all your companions to be as well as a hub for quests and I believe they are customizable to a very small extent. (armor, weapons) I am hoping to see ships become much more customizable, change the appearance.. maybe some battlescars. And inside, ability to place trophies or other items gathered in the travels. The ability to set your ship as your bindpoint.. would also be a very nice feature. Thoughts? what would you like to see?
  6. I guess, while enjoyable.. it's not what I was hoping for, especially after having played SWG for so long and loving the space exploration, ship customization. Outside of the missions, which are fine on rails. It would be nice if they added the ability to fly into space and explore... maybe come across hulls of destroyed ships.. which could be entered and explored for loot..etc. Or just finding random groups of enemy fighters.
  7. Cause the damn game isn't out until 12/20!
  8. After having tried most of them, I will be playing a Bounty Hunter at launch as my first character and a Sith Marauder as second character. Why Sith? Because good, is dumb.
  9. As long as the Empire doesn't save any failing banks.
  10. There weren't many things about playing that seemed likely to make me not continue looking forward to 12/20. If I had to have gripes about the game so far, it would be the load times and fps. The game for the most part seems very finished to me, with a few small performance issues. I do worry that launch will be a laggy, low fps, mob camping mess of people though, as all the players who choose smuggler for instance, will all be funneled thru the same quest area. I hope BW addresses these issues prior to launch. I had no problem with the UI, everything to me seemed to be where it needed to be. and I found it reminiscent of the SWG interface. others complained about no Auto Attacks. Meaning.. you have to be there at the computer using your skills. You can't auto attack and go grab a coke, which I like.. and which they do not plan to change. others complained about having to target someone to heal or things of that nature.. cause their Addons from WoW would not be available in this game. The graphic look and feel of the game.. is awesome. they didn't go for the Vanguard style, uber realistic.. which I'm happy about, but the characters and world are very detailed, the mobs are also very detailed. Space combat.. I was like meh... it was beautiful.. but on rails.. no exploration at all. Overall, I think the game will do very well at launch and will only get better from there. I think the game will pull away lots of people from World of Warcraft but I am hoping that the gameplay style and story-line progression will keep the instant gratification, leet play types from sticking around for too long. I can however see this game maintaining a healthy playerbase, especially with SWG closing/closed.
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