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  1. I actually included a fix for that one (installer patches data000.lab with a fixed lua script).
  2. All dxdiag does when you hit disable is flip a reg value, which is exactly what the launcher does. I'm guessing you haven't tried it, especially since you say 'this kind of launcher'. You're in it for the money, admit it.
  3. This is a long known troubleshooting tweak. I implemented it as an option in my launcher, in an automated way that doesn't affect other games. But it was already obsolete at the time because there was Residual. Now even Residual has a golden ticket to obscurity. So thanks for sharing what you thought would be useful but you're not likely to get many cheers for it.
  4. "Chepito is an idiot who can't tell right from left." xD You summed it up nicely. That's what's up with that.
  5. If the Land of the Dead wasn't flat we could speculate about Coriolis effect.
  6. Interesting article: Digital archeology: How Double Fine, Disney, LucasArts and Sony resurrected Grim Fandango
  7. The path of least resistance is to start in the middle and work your way to the center. Also known as path of no resistance. It may not get the job done but at least you didn't try.
  8. Crashes and .. dndndndndndndndn ... is why Residual was created. Original game has problems with modern hardware. Reinstall the game using this, it contains some fixes; no promises though, but it's worth a try.
  9. Six hours is not a terribly long time to lose in my world so I would just restart from the beginning. You've already solved the puzzles up to that point so it should in fact take much less. There are no Residual savegames available that I could find so your alternatives are this: http://forums.residualvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=143 or switching to the original game.
  10. What you downloaded is a save from the original game, which isn't compatible with Residual. As for the menu, if you're on a laptop try Fn+F1.
  11. If you got far into the game, you can try my installer/launcher and experiment with the troubleshooting options. Otherwise it's best to start from scratch with Residual.
  12. The simple but delicious recipe for deciphering grim.tab (XORing with 0xDD) is actually quite old and I found it right here on this forum, but I guess we could say the file is even more humanly readable now. A step further would be to convert the set IDs to friendly names as well, and maybe rearrange the lines so they are properly grouped by set and ordered chronologically (they already pretty much are, but some bits seem to be scattered about). I think I'll leave that part to someone else, though. P.S. I updated the file - found a line that slipped through unchanged: line 6426, SNALO04 -> Lola:
  13. This is the file with replacements made and non-dialogue lines (object names) removed: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vqp0cketjmif35s/GRIM.TAB_Edited.txt.zip
  14. I regretted it after going through first couple thousand lines, but this should be it: http://www.mediafire.com/view/4hk0tltbxhn9gi1/CharIDs.txt
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