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  1. ahh...very nice to know...you posted this ...why ? it's already been mentioned what is cheating and what is not, stop ****ing talking about it people!!
  2. underwater level(s) and underwater fighting, that would be awesome, you hold your saber pointing forward and you swim right into people (jab them), would be a nice touch for single player mission(s) or who knows, maybe a nice mode for MP with maybe a help of some Mod, you'll have to have the animations and stuff like that done for them (stuff they can't add/edit I mean) ----------------------------------------------------------------- you talk about massive blocks from all around...when online, not everyone is shooting at you at the same time, you know... ----------------------------------------------------------------- I thought of a better idea for kicks (no offence, for me at least and requires MUCH less work for the team), just make the flip kick cost force (of course not a lot) but with full force bar you can do 3 kicks total ? depends how they set it up and I like the idea "if you face them (crosshair) then the kick won't knock you down but set you off balance a bit and if it's back kick it'll send you eating dust forward or knock you on your knees for small amount of time (have the animations rotate between the 2 of them?) and if it's a side kick you go flying... a nice addition for the flip kick would also be : if you kick the opponent and he is not facing you (with the crosshair) so you get a 100% kick in his face/back/side the opponent will fly back/forward/side (actually lifting off the ground for a sec) and hit the floor giving him some time to get back on his feet, you can balance this by making the opponent fly a nice distance (I'm not talking about a mile here, just small space) enough to almost get up before the kicker comes back to try and pull off a special move, of course this will be once in a while thing so it's not "spammed" just an idea ----------------------------------------------------------------- an awesome move I think would be hold/take hostage, yeah, you grab and HOLD the enemy, so if you have things like Team Duel mode you can hold one and your partner can finish him off with a special, of course you only have few small seconds and it would work like saber clashes, if you tap fast you can escape rather quickly (you're the one getting held), if you're not fast enough...you die! this would add a whole new meaning to Duels (if Team Duels or even CTF ?) and would take the fighting one step farther, just think about this for a sec...oh and if the opponent wins and you can not hold him you will be pushed back and he can do a backspecial quickly before turning around again and killing the other team mate who wants to cheap kill you! muahahah! this would be sooo much fun (in special modes only and if turned on by admin) ----------------------------------------------------------------- I like the idea of real-touch hits with saber but there are many different connections online, some people get it faster and some slower, I don't think it would be good to complicate things and have different servers with things like that, maybe single player, not MP ----------------------------------------------------------------- I like the weapons that can be seen, AT LEAST the saber on the belt and/or one gun on the other side? Heavy Metal: FAKK 2 style, similar engine.... I dunno, I see a lot of great ideas but I bet, hope not, but I bet they won't ever read them =/ though it's nice to see a lot of people like similar things in gaming ----------------------------------------------------------------- weapons picking like Halo style is awesome (for those who didn't play, you can carry small amount of guns) because a walking tank is soooo dumb, even for online fighting, where the hell do they put them all 0_o at least make that realistic though like I said, we might not see all these things mentioned here UNLESS they thought of some themselves =/ if the RAVEN TEAM is reading this...please acknowledge that, at least, you've read this and taking some ideas for interest, you guys are busy but show some kind of interest in your fans by surfing your own, official, forms and at least saying few words on this matter =/ I don't like to waist time on nothing, I DO care about this game because I loved playing JK2, it was my first game ever in any field of online play (star craft I don't count) and it was the first Star Wars title game I played for PC, I enjoyed it, met tons of nice people (some are friends now) and just had a blast on some of my free time, I expect this game to be much better, try to rule out hackers by trying to eliminate autobots additions (take a look at current cheats for Q3 title games so the community can improve on it) good luck http://www.ravenforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1619&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=165
  3. yeah, limiting both jedi and non-jedi would be a cool idea, I'm tired of scrolling through all the weapons, a limit on weapons + items another good idea would be to make server setup much easier with more options I mean, making options to restrict some forcepowers or levels or weapons (or players...) more options for admins (not through console I mean) like I said before, Quake 3 has a lot of options that are possible, make them more user friendly, not everyone knows the console commands or maybe make a readme ? (I'm speaking in general here, I myself can and know that some can too) once again, I'll mention player names, more colors and more character symbols maybe, something like you see on a console game, you get regular font and you get symbols to go with it maybe selectable colors instead of ^1 you pick red =/ the ghoul2 thing Dest mentioned is also VERY useful, you can crate animations and new moves here, he has a thread but I'll post it here too Dest: It would be really cool if you could move the bones of the ghoul2 models around using code so that a mod maker could create a mod that makes the light sabers use forward and inverse kinematics instead of canned animations. I was thinking of doing a mod that would allow players to create their own sets of moves using a simple editor and thus create their own totally unique light saber fighting style. This would add a lot to the game but could only be done if the bones can be translated and rotated using C code. If the ghoul2 engine lets mod makers move bones around then great things may happen. me: wow, new animations would be indeed a great thing, and could be done on Ravens side without having to release their biped nice thinking Dest Dest: They would be more than animations. I was thinking of making a simple editor that allows the players to create a certain number of points in 3D space and all of these points would have a position, a time, and a rotation. By creating a path with these points you could use kinematics to move the model's arm and lightsaber to follow this path. This would allow users to create a set of moves that they could then use in the game. Someone should make a developer look at this Here is further explanation of what I want to do I want to go beyond animations, any move that you can think of you can define. You just create a path for your light saber with a simple editor, then that path is defined to a move and all of the paths/moves are sent to the server. The player can then execute moves like normal but it would not use the standard moves, instead it would use the player defined moves. I just need the ghoul2 support to do this. Also, will JK3 use vertex and pixel shaders? If so will mod makers be able to edit these or define new ones?
  4. would be cool to see a 'block' button, with both hands in hand-to-hand combat (I hope they do something like this for fun) and holding your saber with might to deflect saber hits (depends on what stance your in and your opponent is in of course), you block weak hits and other hits would just knock you back, if strong enough, push you on the floor but automatic 'block-like' hits for when you are fighting would be like dodge moves (I think ProMod or something ? not sure), moving like you do when using force seeing and someone is trying to sniper you I like the idea of customizing your stances, if there are few then you can select what you want in the options but i bet they can work something out where you wont and they will be integrated with all the moves =/ would be nice to have a third side power (not dark and not light), in this one you won't be effected by any force power and it would be like using absorb BUT you won't have any other powers, I'd liek this because there are many people who don't liek to use force powers (and please don't say anything smart-ass like "go to a no-force server") more taunts, both animations and sounds would be nice would be cool to have emotions like smiley faces when talking (funny? hehe) and maybe diff. fonts for player names ? player names are sooo trendy these days, would be a shame not to add something to make it a bit more spicy a special map, maybe game mode ? work with me here. There would be players all over the place, some meditating on the floor like yoda (while restoring their health and powers, slowly, they are probably away from the computer for a little bit) and after a while start floating and some players just running around, talking to each other (ability to choose and bind a button to talk in-private to someone) and all this is happening BUT you can't use a weapon, you are not allowed (I mean make it so they can't pull one out no matter what) BUT there will be a special arena where players can enter and they can invite/challenge others (like a duel), this would be so sweet because you'll get a chance to interact with people, ask for help, get Padawans ? something to think about because you can add more to this game mode, I think everyone here will agree that played JK2 at least that sometimes you just want to go and talk to people and walk around and have some fun and not only fight =/ more options in the option screen, please, Quake 3 has so much more, ability to record videos, take screen shot, make this selectable because I'm tired of scripts (though it's still fun to have them..) and please, most of all, try to stop these damn "hax0rz" with their damn autobots -_-
  5. I dunno if this has been posted or not but I'm reposting the next few posts I did on Raven Forums: -=more specials for stances maybe a whole new stance (I like that upside down saber idea), maybe a throw special for once...also maybe a stance that combines hand and feet fighting with our beloved saber -=saber adjust ? be able to turn your saber only half way making it like a dagger, fast hitting is the advantage BUT short reach... -=mercs vs. jedi a jetpack that uses the force gauge like fuel (drains in other words) -=love the pushing idea mentioned here before -=more materials to wear ? like robes, you know, the jedi things -=better name making tool, with actual built-in colors instead of ^# and ability to make a profile/bio for others to see (name, clan name, etc) -=more saber colors! maybe just a tool to mix colors and make your own ? -=black reborn?! you bet, that would kick-ass actually, when making a character try to include as much things as possible, like adding robes and head gear -=when you turn the saber off it will turn off normally BUT if you press the 'put away button' (work with me) the character will put it on his belt! (not only for sabers, for guns too ?) making it both sides because you can carry more then one weapon, right ? can we use saber and guns at the same time ? would be nice -=more traps for levels! you dunno how fun it is with them, just a blast when playing with a bunch of guys... (or girls) -=be able to pull objects, throw stuff, cut more of the map, random destructible objects -=force powers... hmm, a power to put a dizzy-like spell over the enemy so when they move left it goes right (messes up their controls for time being), I would love to see a much better wall run system, it's really fun to wall-fight with people, upside down fighting, haha, that would be great this is for either single player or for multiplayer, or both ? let me know what you think, I'll post more later
  6. I used to have it as // Saber Lunge bind CTRL "+attack; +forward; +movedown" and it works almost 100% on all diff. servers, might wanna try it though it's sooo much easier to just do it =/
  7. // Message Taunt set text-1 "say ^7G^5O^7O^5D ^7F^5I^7G^5H^7T; bind z vstr text-2" set text-2 "say ^1Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?!; bind z vstr text-3" set text-3 "say ^5G^7O^5O^7D ^5F^7I^5G^7H^5T; bind z vstr text-4" set text-4 "say ^3~Allied to good, ^1nightmare ^3to you!!!~; bind z vstr text-5" set text-5 "say ^1G^3O^1O^3D ^1F^3I^1G^3H^1T; bind z vstr text-7" set text-6 "say ^6G^2O^6O^2D ^6F^2I^6G^2H^6T; bind z vstr text-8" set text-7 "say ^5Try not. ^1Do.^2 Or ^3do ^1Not^6. ^5There ^7is ^4no ^6try. ^2-Yoda; bind z vstr text-8" set text-8 "say ^1G^7O^1O^7D ^1F^7I^1G^7H^1T; bind z vstr text-9" set text-9 "say ^2Turtle ^2Turtle!; bind z vstr text-10" set text-10 "say ^3your ^3puny ^3weapons ^3are ^3no ^3match ^3against ^3my ^3armor!; bind z vstr text-1" bind [b]KEY[/b] "vstr text-1" one of my taunt scripts, change the messages to your likes and such (because 2 people with same taunts will be kinda ****ty o_0 right?) and I assume, at least from this thread, you know how to setup a autoexec.cfg
  8. we all know the ^0 & ^8 deal, the whole deal here is to make it show up when you hit tab =/
  9. when I get one I'll be sure to post it and PM it, you fight fire with fire, and a lot of clans have it anyway so it's nothing new... but there is something I would like that's MUCH better than an aimbot, it's the black font in the score menu and I've also seen double colored font (font color outlied by another font color), those are sweet looking 0_0
  10. i've seen clans use aimbots =/ really got on my nerves....now to get me one of those ^_^ thanks NemoX, I'll try it
  11. basic question here, how to switch through mods via console menu ? and back to original, unmodded version ? jw
  12. Jump+Roll+Attack... why don't you just do Space+Crouch+Attack ? because you can't stop that script so I would just see you in the air, move to the side (you'd still be in the move) and uppercut you =/ it's easier to do combos on the keyboard than in scripts because scripts do limit your movement...
  13. this is so noobish, yeah, just blame the scripters. "oh, I REALLY suck in JK2...damn those scripters!" <- that's what you basically said. I play using default JK2 buttons with F1-F12 bound to different names and Z, Q and V are bound to quotes, and I can stand my own against almost any opponent, clan or no clan (well, maybe not now, haven't played for a while), if you played for a month and you suck with the default keys...chances are, you'll suck with scripts or any speedpad out there because tactics don't come from buttons, they come from your mind.
  14. the black name doesn't work when you press Tab, only when you type...that's easy to do...so ^^8 doesn't do it =/ nether does ^^0 what else is left to script anyhow ?anything interesting ?
  15. I knew there was a way, I'm going to try it, thanks so much! there is a way to have your name as a blank space, I don't have the time to try it, anyone know how ?
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