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  1. Calo Nord without his hat would look like Doctor Octopus XD
  2. "Meetra had short brown hair, pale white skin, and piercing blue eyes. She was taller than Bastila, and almost a decade older, though she would still be considered beautiful by any empirical measure. She possessed a presence and confidence, along with an enviable natural grace. She was clad in the simple robes of a Jedi Master, but somehow she managed to make even the drab brown cloth seem stylish."
  3. Okay, so what I did was, that I removed a Vista/7 Fix, from the folder, and replaced it with the Original .dll file.. What happened was, that rather than crashing immidiatly after the Intro movie, i saw the animation of T3M4 waking up, and the crash happened appromexly 6 seconds in the game. So the Graphics loaded up, it can be displayed, everything was alright, and THEN the game crashed. Same thing happened to the SaveGame file, which I downloaded. So what is it. With the updated .dll file it Crashes, and with the original the Game is Actually LOADED? What should I do to actually PLAY it? XD btw. I use cracked version of the game. I can't get the original anywhere
  4. Hi Since the Leviathan captured me, I witnessed several bugs of missing dialogs. Right after my ship was captured, the Main Dialog, where I choose who should release us later, missing, and I was on the Ebon Hawk with the crew in the middle, unable to get off of the Ship. I resolved this problem with DarthDak's Pad, and teleported down, with HK-47, as the chosen one. Then Everything seemed Just Fine, until I encountered Saul Karath. Here I killed everyone, and Defeated Saul, who had 1 points of life left, lying on the floor. That's where the Cutscene was missing. Everything Stopped, the Door is shut, Saul lying there, nothing to do. I made several Backup saves, but due to Autosave everything is Lost now. I tried Dak's Pad again, but it didn't work, since the next thing should be a lot of Sith Trooper coming through the door, but everything stopped. My Last saved game was 5 hours before that on Manaan's Sith Base. I want help with 2 things. 1: Somehow I want to get back, my previous saved games, from Autosave and Quicksave slots. and 2: Fix this cutscene problem on Leviathan, to play further. Somebody tell me what is supposed to be the problem, and what I supposed to do. I already lost 5 hrs of my life, I don't want to lose another. I already played through the game once, and before that It never happened. Thank you all!
  5. And Why Is it a Problem? I don't have to have her all the Time. I just want to rename her in the script, and the character, Change the Bastila's Mother Quest, and Everything is going to be the same, just like we would have with Bastila, just the Name Changes.
  6. LDR

    I've always been waiting for when someone would finally request that mod. :xp: Welcome to the forums!

  7. Hi everybody! Everybody knows that the character Bastila Shan, was originally going to be Vima Sunrider from the Tales of the Jedi comics, but it was dropped due to legal issues. And That's what I think is what should be Cannonical. Well, I'm not a modder, just a player, but I really would like to see a mod, where Bastila is Actually called Vima Sunrider, with her backstory, and everything, and Juhani has to be Called Bastila. It requires just a Slight alteration in script, and maybe some VO. Can it be done? With all respect, and thank you: Matten
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