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  1. Modding JKA and JO is still possible with the Steam version Saber hilts+blades More sabers+Galactic Armor Fluffy McSnuggles Chuck Norris with a lightsaber http://steamcommunity.com/groups/YediAcademy There's a few Steam Groups floating around for JKA Not really sure how many for MotS though
  2. Oh, so that's where all the good mods are And to think, I've been using Filefront for the past... *checks* Decade
  3. yeah, the game does go by quickly, but it's fun to go back once you've got new saber crystals and try out new tactics I went through the game using nothing but my red lightsabers, only using the force when I really needed to good times
  4. I played it first on PC, even though it's slow, but I still enjoyed the game I watched TheMediaCows play it on the 360 on Youtube and I've played the multiplayer on Wii (General Kota's spin attack is so cheap, as well as Ventress's mindtrick, Maris's Force Repulse, Boba Fett's missiles (although if you get close to him, you can wreck him in seconds) and Starkiller's Lightning) All in all, I prefer the Wii version, if only for the Multiplayer
  5. how strange, it works for me you have to either keep trying, or search for it manually the "Related Files" is glitched out
  6. Windu: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Mace_Windus_saber_hilt;3854 Camo Jan: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Camo_Jan;5068 (Ew, honestly) Kyle Stormtrooper: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Kyles_Stormtrooper_Armor;120356 Anakin's saber: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Anakins_Lightsaber_Hilt;2911 Dooku/Tyranus: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Count_Dooku_Lord_Tyranus;4164 Stealth Kyle: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Kyle_Katarn_Stealth_Jedi_Gear;4281 do these help?
  7. open console (Shift+"~") helpusobi 1 notarget playerteam free setmindtrick 4 close console take control of "Kyle" open console sabercolor 1 green playerteam player close console tada, green saber for that level
  8. correct, I found it on gamewinners years ago
  9. Ooh...I thought that name was familiar
  10. Can anyone help me with adding custom music files to JKO? I know you can play music by typing "music kejim_base" and others but is there a way to have separate music files that I can play by typing in "music [name of song]?
  11. I would...as long as they also released it for the Steam Version (with its terrible FPS)
  12. you fight Alora and Tavion with both endings, but only the light side has you battle Possessed Tavion, you kill her and then battle Kyle in the Dark Side I'd love to see a non-canon spin-off game that shows Kyle hunting down Jaden and battling him, perhaps even throw in a dual ending, where you get to redeem Jaden and destroy the scepter or kill him heck it doesn't even have to be a long game, just like a DLC version
  13. well, once you get a lightsaber, it kinda does turn into hack-n-slash so... they need to at least have TFU-level graphics with JK combat and story
  14. I want a JK game with Force Unleashed lightsaber combat (lightsaber/force combos, with blasters and tiered force powers) perhaps a game based during the Vong War?
  15. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III would probably have Starkiller facing off against the Dark Apprentice, who appears to be canon (Vader told the DA to intervene if needed, but since Vader's life wasn't in danger, he remained cloaked and withdrew) I'm guessing Boba Fett somehow manages to cause a distraction that causes Vader to escape and Starkiller gets sidetracked by the Dark Apprentice, who probably kills Kota, and maybe Juno, causing Starkiller to duel the DA to the death, and they probably end up killing each other I really hope they keep the Rage/Fury meter, that was a fun tactic
  16. thank you so much *also adds in bonuses for other settings and makes the length 45* It fun to mess around with the npc files NPCs with a high intelligence are more likely to use the alt-fire option makes the game a lot more fun and challenging
  17. the saberstyleforbidden line isn't in the sab file for any of the sabers... do I add "saberStyleLearned tavion saberStyleLearned desann" anyway?
  18. using setforceall 1138 gives you every saberstyle (Taviom and Desann too) in Academy, like it does in Outcast for single saber but once you cycle through them once, it gets stuck on Tavion's fast style and attempting to change it will make the blue flash yellow but it stays on that style permanently any way to fix that?
  19. setmindtrick 4 that way you don't have to reset a force power or get trapped at the add new power screen
  20. it's a great game if you take your time and try out every difficulty setting (try beating Dagobah on Unleashed) and the Gorog will destroy you if you're not fast enough I love this game, even though my computer can barely handle it (Everything moves at maybe 1/3 speed, makes it real easy to set up saber combos but the button mashing segments can be tricky)
  21. All of the saber combos, charged force push, lightning, etc but with Academy's missions and storyline I'd love to be able to see the Mutant Rancor like that (though you'd really have to make it unkillable since you could just blast it with force lightning) also, perhaps using the Force to move those breakable containers around to hamper the rancor's movements would make for pretty interesting gameplay another mission I'd love to play is the Dosuun mission (no lightsaber) throwing stormtroopers around and such and using blasters and such would also be a nice touch, because lightsabers get tiresome after a while
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