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  1. I saw that Darkness was back up. What's Void about?

  2. It's been a long time, but Darkness Within is back up - as is my new RP, "Void"!

  3. Yeah, sorry. I haven't been checking because of the long delay between my post and anyone else's.

  4. I'm trying to get everyone back for the Darkness Within. Are you still in?

  5. Sweet. I'll try and get a post up later tonight.

  6. Hey Chev, Warlord and I are going to talk privately about what our characters will discuss/train in The Darkness Within, so you can go ahead with the time skip. :)

  7. Hey bud, wanna go over what our characters will have talked about during the time skip? PM me.

  8. Oh, well I just wanted to touch on the fact that you wouldn't have quite the amount of resources you need, and even if you did, it would be the perfect parts for the ship. Plus, despite their best intentions, not everyone is trained in repairing ships, so, when you mix those, sometimes things are a little... Wonky? But you can do with it what you will, like if you have any alternate ideas why it would malfunction (I.e. Sabotage).

  9. So, what's going on with the ship if I may ask? :) It looks almost like it just tried to kill light. xD

  10. Thanks man. I was curious about it for a while, and it's good to see it happen.

  11. Hey light, just to answer your question yes there will be a time skip.

  12. Darkness Within is back up.

  13. So...I'm going to try and get the Darkness Within cast back together. If we can get enough characters back we'll try our best to finish it. :)

  14. Well, if you do try to, make sure to include me. I definitely want to finish those up. :)

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