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  1. NAME: Roshev. FANTASY RACE: Human CLASS/OCCUPATION: Pickpocket, Theif AGE: 22 WHY'D SHE BARGAIN WITH THE VOID? To gain the skills needed to survive and thrive (the ability to steal things, and steal them well) WHAT'S HIS NIGHTMARE? He unlocks every door, evades every guard, only to enter the last room in what appears to be a palace, but when he does, a young woman appears and she laughs as he falls down. Down and down, far below. Into a pit that seems to echo. He sees images of the Void, but they fly by rapidly, not allowing him to know what they mean. Then he awakens. APPEARANCE: Young in face and body type. Many would assume he is 16-18. Light brown hair, rings around his eyes, and straight, white teeth. WHAT'S HIS GIFT FROM THE TAVERN KEEP? ____________ I'm blanking on this. A little help as to what it should be?
  2. Remember that in dreams, everything makes sense, even if it makes no sense in conscious life. This is but a nightmare, and naught more. Awaken! "Light.. Thanks for pulling me out of that." "Of course." Light said simply with a smile. "So, whats our plan to finish this thing?" Light began to respond with "First we'll regroup--" He was cut off by the spectacle occurring with Zarev. "Come on, we'll go catch up with Zarev and end this thing." Light said before taking off to Zarev's side, hoping Corsail would be right behind him. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. "What's the plan Zarev?" Light began feeling the effects of the surge of Force energy rushing within him, but reinforced his control using mental exercises. Despite the fact that he could feel it attempting to bolster his own Force energy, he knew controlling it would be key to defeating the Entity. And, he thought, for the first time since the conflict began, what effect could this have after.
  3. I saw that Darkness was back up. What's Void about?

  4. It's been a long time, but Darkness Within is back up - as is my new RP, "Void"!

  5. "Why would I kill you? Think man! Does any of this make sense? Is it even possible?" Light walked over to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. "This is an illusion, and you know it. We need to find a way to break free of it. What hold does this mirage have upon you?"
  6. Light sensed that Per'Dra was free of her nightmare. He thought it strange the Entity had not attacked yet but was too preoccupied with trying to help the others to put more thought into it. He could sense Corsail, but before he left to help him, "We need to get everyone out of their nightmares. I feel the fighting will begin again soon." He spoke to Per'Dra, sure that she would hear him. He ran to where Corsail lay, clearly still in the grasp of his nightmare. He knelt and attempted to aid him in his battle against his nightmare. He felt himself being drawn in, but rather than resist, he aided his decent. Maybe my presence here will help to convince him it is a nightmare. He saw Corsail firing a volley of shots. "Hey." Light spoke only loudly enough to be heard, not wishing to be the target of a surprised Corsail. He felt the environment shifting around him, and then he was in the world of Corsail's nightmare, which, like his own, was hard to distinguish from reality.
  7. Light felt rather than heard Per'dra's proclamation. He didn't really understand what it meant, but he knew that they had all killed people. Out of necessity, error, or emotion, all of them had slain enemies. He started reaching out with the Force even more, feeling the others start to come back, their energies dampened, but stronger than before. Light also felt the Force spirits that were helping his friends. He did not know them, and had never been friendly with anyone with a strong enough Force connection to die and come back as a spirit. He wished he could once again see his brother, but knew it was impossible. He focused instead on giving energy to those that were already starting to wake up, speeding their recovery. He was getting tired, but it was a worthy use of his energy. ((Sorry, I don't really have anyone to summon as a Force spirit, but I feel that Avriela and Light should have been able to support each other out of the nightmare.))
  8. Avriela looked around in confusion when she heard the whispers of the Force Spirits. She saw the Shan fly by overhead and realized that Vlalkor must still be alive and that meant that she was being tricked by the Entity. She immediately ceased her attack on Light and realizes that the bodies around her are an illusion. She speaks, "You... You didn't kill them Light. None of these bodies are even real. Remember who we are fighting." Light couldn't help noticing the change in her posture, and how quickly she ceased her attack. She must've seen something he didn't, but she was telling him what he'd suspected already. Thankful for the breakthrough, he couldn't help but wonder Where is our true enemy? Light scanned the surroundings while checking his wounds with his hands. Surprisingly, he'd resisted most of the lightning, and close calls with the saber, with only minor burns. Light saw it. The Entity. For a brief second. Then he woke up from his position on the ground near Per'dra. Wait, was any of it real? Did Avriela really help me? Light was shocked. He checked his wounds again, but found that they were in the same state as in the nightmare. Wait, does that mean... that if I'd died in there, it would've been over? Wait, the others! Light looked around, but saw no one else and went to Per'dra who was still writhing on the ground. He took a knee, and decided that he would try to help her wake up. He reached out with the Force, trying to find a way into her nightmare, to help her awaken.
  9. Light shuddered, blinked, and suddenly it was just as she'd said. The Shan was completely wrecked. More bodies of his allies lay scattered around. He dodged, blocked, and parried the strikes. He felt the slight burns that saber strikes had when they got too close. He locked blades with her long enough to speak. "Who am I?", Light spoke, "Say my name!" He was trying to prevent himself from suggesting new horror to his ally. He thought there was a pattern that he could see, but he couldn't tell. But he was a monster, and this was what he'd wrought. He couldn't help but let the thoughts creep in. He knew he would never murder his friends, but he also had murdered them. He was sure it wasn't him that had committed the atrocities laid bare before him as his own. He couldn't help but hope that they were not truly his.
  10. Light turned and saw Per'dra drop her sabers, but everything was getting darker. Light knew his mind was being deceived, and tried to resist, tried to fight. Per'dra picked up her sabers.. No, Perdra spoke and knelt. He couldn't hear her though. The Entity was there, and yet it wasn't. From within it spewed all of the friends and allies Light had made. At first it was slow, but it started speeding up until they were almost all there. No, it was just the Entity, or was it? Light approached the Entity, and went to strike him with a lightsaber blow to the chest. Instead of the block or parry that he expected the Entity didn't move... and then it was Varik that he'd struck down in cold blood. A friend, killed by his own hand. And the Entity was where Varik had stood merely moments before. Light charged and thrust his sabers through it's chest, and Styke Te'enona fell to the ground. Light couldn't believe that a fellow member of the Brotherhood of Swordmasters was here. The Entity, again, was moved somewhere else. Light couldn't handle it. It was so real.. So disturbingly real. He had just slain two friends... He kept trying to see what was really happening, but all he could see was his friends. The disgusted looks on their faces as they checked on the two corpses he'd made. He tried to listen to the real world, but could hear only their words expressing their disbelief that he could have fallen to the Dark side. Sounds of them igniting their sabers. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Per'dra, still kneeling, the same distance from him as before. Had he moved at all? Was she real? Light couldn't tell anymore. As he turned towards her, she vanished. Who vanished? Avriela made her way out of the growing crowd of upset former allies. She was ready, and she attacked. Light, immediately on the defensive, couldn't believe her ferocity. He blocked and parried, trying to get her to slow down so he could explain himself. Can you really explain away killing two of your friends? Light kept fighting, kept being pushed back. He feigned a block, deactivated and dropped his sabers, and rolled to her side. He grabbed an arm, and immediately felt a surge of electricity flow from it. He ignored the wounds she'd scored on his hand, arm, and chest, and pulled her arm towards himself. She resisted, as he'd expected, causing not just her arm, but her whole body to move towards him. He put her in a chokehold, quickly locking his elbow under her chin with one arm, and using the other to control her saber. Light quickly spoke as he applied pressure to her throat, trying to keep her awake, but drain her energy. "Can you hear me? What are you seeing that is making us fight? I don't think it's real. It can't be real... Please, snap out of it."
  11. Light was sent flying by the force wave. He managed to recover in the air, landing on his feet. Hearing the communications from the others, he was already preparing to avoid closing with the Entity, when he noticed Per'dra and moved into a defensive position near her. "This thing is something else," Light muttered to himself while scanning for Varik.
  12. As the enemies collapsed, Light returned his flying saber to his hand. He then used the Force to close the wound from the blaster bolt. "Yeah, it's what I get for showing off, right?" Light looked over the Entity with a bit of awe. This creature had been the cause of their hardship from the beginning. But, it looked almost normal, ignoring the eyes. "Right, but I feel like it's misleading us. We must be..." Varik ran off to engage before Light finished "careful." This is going to be a hell of a fight. Light watched how quickly the Entity moved between Zarev's and Varik's strikes. Almost too fast. Light moved to engage from another angle; he tried sweeping the Entity's legs with his blade hoping to impair its movement.
  13. "Honestly, and with the galaxy at stake too? We must be magnets for trouble." Light laughed at Per'dra's joke, but then... Light had an idea. He switched off one of his sabers, keeping the other for defense and began throwing the deactivated saber at enemies, with a bit of the Force behind it, to knock them unconscious. His first targets were the Sith. In combination with his own fighting, it proved very effective in incapacitating them, as it slammed into the back of one of their heads, and caused the other to hesitate, unprotected, long enough for Light to deliver an uppercut to his jaw. He decided to unleash this combination on the other troopers. It was devilishly effective, fists or saber slamming into heads, necks, a few unarmored solar plexuses. The only downside was the loss of protection. A bolt that he'd have normally deflected with his unarmed hand made it through, grazing his side.
  14. Yeah, sorry. I haven't been checking because of the long delay between my post and anyone else's.

  15. I'm trying to get everyone back for the Darkness Within. Are you still in?

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