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  1. Yea this sounds nice, a similar mod for TSL should be in order too since it's far more common place
  2. I may not like TOR but I did like their HK model, and the fact that it's being brought to TSL makes me even happier. Keep up the good work DP!
  3. Kinda sorta excited for this since the past season and a half have been high quality. Hell, I'll say it's better than the prequels ( though that's not saying much ).
  4. No, she represented the Anti-Jedi. Basically, she showed how the world in star wars shouldn't/isn't as black and white as the sith and jedi make it to look. Avellone used her to create a more dynamic Dark Side/Light side dichotomy. Presumably you're awaiting the arrival of the true sith. That ending wasn't exactly well thought out and we just assume it's out to our imaginations No, her death was cut due to time constraints. In both endings she died by falling into the core
  5. Lol, fitting that Seattle is like Kamino.
  6. No matter what, I always sent Kaidan/Ashley away for war assets.
  7. I'll stick iwth my Ps3 for a bit then move to PS4, mostly since GTA5 will be on PS3. And hahahaha you failed Microsoft. ._.
  8. Yup, my 6-pack is gonna be goin wild. XD Time to bust out my old plastic lightsabers
  9. Benedict Cumberbatch is supposed to do his voice, given that I think he will do just fine.
  10. Iam gonna run into my street naked screaming that this has been released. And laugh at all the pplz calling me nerd
  11. So it's probably gonna be similar to Batman Begins? If so, I'm excited.
  12. bunch of trailers O_o What alexrd said, I don't want to spoil too much of the movie for me.
  13. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I don't think so, that was one of the more powerful parts of the movie, and if you'd seen Star Trek II then you'd appreciate how it was done and how the roles were reversed. It flowed smoothly, I fail to see how it was lazily done, nor how Spock's outburst was terrible. In fact, I find it to be a tribute to the original series, that's where you differ from me. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Whether they say so or not, every government has a division that carries out black ops operations that are not "responsible" of the leading government. Section 31 was like Cerberus from Mass Effect. Enterprise was horribly done all together, Ds9 tried to do it but didn't quite get there. It was one of the few weak story arcs of a fabulous series. I think that was before he realized he was being chased, a trenchcoat makes a good cover
  14. You're forgetting that this is an alternate timeline where the stories and events proceed differently. I.E. This movie, if you've seen it. Having a new Star Trek series around the reboot would be interesting since: 1. Vulcans are an endangered species 2. Star Fleet is more militarized thanks to Nero's attack 3. Technology is slightly more advanced 4. The characters have evolved differently that the TOS characters I'd think that the reboot has done fine in setting in a path that has some resemblance of TOS, but not enough to make it almost similar.
  15. Yeah this movie is really up on my list of anticipated movies. However, I think people are a little skeptical thanks to Superman Returns, which was God awful. I think it has the potential to be the best movie of the year, other than Star Trek: Into Darkness. From what I've seen from the trailers, it resembles a lot of Batman Begins.
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