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  1. It brings up a message saying "Star Wars: The Old Republic was not found on this computer."
  2. I uninstalled The Old Republic months ago, yet it still appears in my Control Panel under Programs. What gives? There are three files in Program Files (x86)/Common Files/BioWare; is that the problem?
  3. I'm trying to run the Gamestop version of KotOR and, for the second time, my security program says the .exe has some kind of bug/virus. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? I doubt calling customer support will help; just yesterday I called and got someone who knew nothing about the game or the problem.
  4. Hope you don't mind me posting again. Here goes. I'd like to know whether you think it's worthwhile to increase my character's Charisma and skill in Persuasion at the expense of more combat-related stats.
  5. Haven't really worked with 3D models. Can Blender or 3D-Coat make files in KotOR's format?
  6. Someone said it would take "something special" to revitalize KotOR modding. Well, do check out the Enclave at The Elder Scrolls Alliance (TESA). It's a "school" where you can get feedback from a real expert, as well as completing assignments to get you started.
  7. Okay, just so I don't commit a grievous (ha-ha) blunder, can someone tell me when the Sacking of Coruscant took place? Was it before or after the bombardment of Taris?
  8. I've been told I'm good at catching grammatical errors. Mind if I have look?
  9. I'd overhaul K1's engine to be less D&D-esque. Hate micro-managing stats. Wouldn't touch K2 because I just dislike that game.
  10. You're the who has to make a decision. Any advice you get is just that.
  11. So you spend attribute points every fourth level? That's good to know...
  12. I'm interested in editing the skills but don't know how to proceed. Specifically, how do I change a non-class skill into a class skill?
  13. I finally gave up playing because there's no way to talk my way out of a fight. Oh sure, I sometimes have the option of saying "Let's be reasonable about this," but it never succeeds. That right there is called false advertizing.
  14. Then I guess I won't be downloading it again. Clarification: That sounds spiteful, doesn't it? I just meant that I'd rather not have it downloading for twenty-four hours, then updating for another two. ><
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