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    15 year old dude from Norway. ^^
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    Football, JK2.
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    Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
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  1. Hey all ^^ Alot of activity recently on the [LOL]HomeBase server in version 1.04! Would be nice if ya'll could meet up sometime and we can have even more fun!
  2. The gameplay is NOT the same. If that's your opinion you haven't even tried JKII and you're just saying what you think, or you just can't know the difference.
  3. If you have only played JKII 1.02 then I understand why you think JKA is better when it comes to fighting. If you are going to play JKII you must play the 1.04 patch. (Latest patch) And JKII has ALOT of features, you prob. just don't know about them.
  4. JK2 does not have much activity anymore, but the [LOL]HOMEBASE Server (1.04 version of jk2) is quite active at evenings and daytime (EU time) it would be nice if any of you joined us, new players are always fun. There tend to be a nice atmosphere.
  5. You should really try the JK2 multiplayer, not many playing it anymore, but the [LOL] server if active at evenings!
  6. The JK2 gameplay is so much better. I like the JK2 mods alot more then the JKA mods, there are some many cool things added in some of the mods. The fighting in JKA never got to me, it's just nothing compared to JK2. I agree alot with ds615, the look doesn't matter, the gameplay does. Well I guess there are different opinions, but in my opinion the JKA gameplay is NOTHING if comparing it to JK2. :] Cheers
  7. Any of you guys playing other games then Star Wars Jedi Knight 2, you're insane! JK2 is the best game you can play. I'm suprised more people are not playing it. Version 1.04 is of course the best.
  8. 1.Do you like jk2 1.03? No. In my opinion the best version is 1.04, it's just the best when it comes to fighting and showing skills. I find any other version pretty lame. 2. What do you think about Jedi knight 2 vs unleashed 2? Unleashed 2 is nowhere close to JK2. JK2 is the best Star Wars game you can play if you play the right version. 3. If it would have an opportunity to revive the JK2, would be you on v1.03? Nope, 1.04. Where I think most players would be/are playing. (?) 4. When did you start to play in JK2? and how old were you? Around 2005-2006. I was around 11. 5. Remember: when the JKA was available, JK2 would had had 200-500 players online, sure? Sure. 6. we have JK2source on this moment, but the game, could it become freeware? why not? I'm not sure if it can, but it would be awesome if it could be. thanks.
  9. Can't believe not more people play JK2 than JKA, JK2 is so much better! The fightingsystem is better and there are much more to do.
  10. Okay. Good luck with the server, Battle111. =)
  11. Is your server up yet? If so, can you give me the IP? PS: I sent you a private message.
  12. That's good! Yeah, nice to meet you too.
  13. None of the maps are bad, but I think the best regular JK2 maps is Bespin, Yavin Temple or Deathstar. =)
  14. Are you still having this problem? The most probable reason for this is that you can't connect to the JK2 Master Server. This may happen when the Server is down for maintenance, or maybe your ISP can't connect to the Server temporarily ( too much traffic, etc). If this does happen, try again in a while. Maintenance of the Master Server usually takes a few hours, and any traffic problems etc. with your ISP should be fine as well. I also recommend getting a third party server utility like Pathfinder, All Seeing Eye, Gamespy, etc. InfeCt.
  15. Yes, there are still people playing and I'm one of them!
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