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  1. No problem . Now for the crash on dantooine did u put this exactly as I put it under graphics options in the swtor.ini Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 and what version of windows are you using?
  2. Maybe the module is bugged or something I would try a fresh install with no mods ever being installed to the game. Like I said I had this same problem, it was because of the sunry murder recording mod. Even after I uninstalled all mods the problem persisted.
  3. I had this problem on mannan do u have any mods installed? My problem was caused by a mod.
  4. Under Graphics options put Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 This helped solve alot of my crashing problems
  5. Those are correct the portraits for party members are custome party member portraits by Shem, pc portraits are from Pmhc04 head replacements by inyri forge, and the sith armor skin is from k1 enhancement pack by space Alex
  6. sorry to dig up this dusty thread but I decided to do this again and found more dialogue. This time with those pesky bounty hunters.
  7. Hey I have a 860m as well and run the game flawlessly. Make sure when you run the game to right click and make sure the game is using the nvidia graphics processor and not some integrated Intel one.
  8. Mannan because of the music and the look of the city is very peaceful. Also I love the ocean.
  9. This happened to me with mandalore it's probably a mod issue. Your best bet in my opinion is to do a fresh install.
  10. My initials and my favorite number. I'm not special
  11. Hey Miras welcome to the forum. As far as getting your party members to do nothing, enabling solo mode will make them stand wherever you left them. But they will attack if an enemy gets near them. With moving them around you have to actually switch to them and move them yourself. I also do not know of any mods that alter this as of right now.
  12. We don't talk like that here. They were just trying to help.
  13. Thanks it good to hear from you guys:thmbup1:
  14. Wow I did some research on it and was like wow that was one in a million thanks.
  15. So long story short I won this laptop in a raffle and its specs are as follows, Brand: ASUS Model: G750JM CPU: Intel i7 quad core 4710HQ 2.5Ghz GPU: NVidia gtx 860m 2gb of dedicated ram (DDR5) RAM: 8g DDR3 max 32gb HDD: 1tb 5400 rpm So my question is how good will this be with modern games like bf4, etc.?
  16. jjb75

    Gtx 770?

    I just didn't want it to be too new or something dumb like that.
  17. jjb75

    Gtx 770?

    How well does it do for both kotor games, just wondering?
  18. Really my budget is around 500 - 600 $ this is just the first draft. I posted this here to hear your guy's imput. And for the pc I want to be able to play games like skyrim with decent fps on med to high settings.
  19. Thanks for the reply I will consider what you have said. And your right about the intel CPU I don't know what I was thinking
  20. So I will be building a new pc soon on a budget but here is my first draft tell me what you think. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3xcr7
  21. People have said that they have done it. I found the override using Ifunbox but can't get the files inside of the override because when I put them in there they just don't show up. I have successfully though gotten my game save to have the masked version of revans robes in game by moving saves between pc and then to the ipad.
  22. How do you get the mod files off of your pc to the override to the ipad using ifunbox I keep trying to put them in the override but they don't show up
  23. Yeah I got my first kotor copy when I was like five for the xbox because I loved anything Star Wars when I was a kid. After playing it for years upon years on and off I just recently bought both games for my pc and just love them.
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