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  1. Hello, everyone. I recently downloaded Psychonauts on the PC - it was through Gamefly and I don't know if that has any bearing on the problem or not, but anywho... When I began my very first playthrough, I saved my game after the 'opening scene' and it took a few moments(as it should) then the words popped up with details of the save(as they should) so I figured all was well. Except now whenever I try to save, it will 'save instantly' and when I do, it simply 'erases' all the text of my previous save. Or if I save in an open slot, it displays no text and therefore didn't save. I've looked all around to try and find some answers or solutions to this - I found plenty of other issues that thankfully I haven't ran into yet, but nothing quite like what I'm dealing with. I can't play the entire game in one sitting, and it seems that's the only way I can play it right now. TLDR Saving wipes any saved game data, nothing exists to load. Forced to try and play entire game in a single sitting. I can post a short video of me trying to play, if that will help any. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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