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  1. Hey all, just wanted to update everyone and let you know the project is Live! You can check it out here: Thanks! And I'm still here to answer any questions you might have.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, all! I should clarify, the art you see in the trailer is still placeholder. My partner and I were both Systems Designers at Lucasarts, not artists, but we did our best to establish the art style we're going for. If and when the Kickstarter succeeds, we'll be able to bring in some of our talented artist buddies from Lucasarts to help beautify the graphics. And yes, we'll be hanging out here a while! If you have any questions/comments about Lucasarts I'll do my best to answer them (within reasonable boundaries )
  3. Hey all, my name is Tim Temmerman. I worked at Lucasarts for 10 years up until the Disney acquisition and closure. I was a Designer and Producer on titles like Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb, Star Wars Galaxies, The Old Republic, and Star Wars First Assault. Another fellow Lucasarts teammate, Matt Boland, and I have been working on a new game called Super Roman Conquest. It's a sidescrolling strategy game with 2D sprites in a 3D world, based in the setting of Ancient Rome. (Sorry we couldn't make another Star Wars game ). We just got done with a trailer (with music scored by former Lucas employee Jesse Harlin) and wanted to show you guys: We're hoping to get the game funded through Kickstarter so we can release it next Summer. The art you see is temporary, but we're bringing another Lucas artist on the team to help define the art. Anyway, take a look, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks and sorry for the shameless plug! - Tim
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