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  1. I don't care what the name is, as long there are Mon Calamari in it.
  2. My ideal game? It's already in development. It's called Galctic Battlegrounds.
  3. Hey guys, I nearly know every Star Wars race, but haven't heard of Yuuthog Vong. are they from a novel or what? Someone answer please.
  4. Ewoks, Mon Calamari, Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Those are the best races, besides the ones already in the game.
  5. Mon Calamari would be my first choice. Then I'd like Jawas, Tusken raiders and Ewoks. Sullustans would be cool... remember that dude Nien Numb? Maybe we could be talking about SW:GB X-Pack... or even better... Battlegrounds 2!!! lol (just dreaming.) PS. What about toydarians? Those are cool.
  6. Could be, but the unit's still strange though.
  7. EVERYBODY else will want this game!!!
  8. Hi, first of all, if Mr. Gaber visits the forum, I want to say you are making A REALLY GOOD JOB with the game. It's just AWESOME!!! I'll ceratinly buy it. I only have one suggestion: I think Gungan units could be polished a little bit (all other civ's units are just great). For example: in this screenshot : http://gamespot.com/gamespot/stories/screens/0,10865,2798825-2,00.html there's a kind of green mounted unit, beside the shield generator(which is very cool) that has a strange color, like if it was a unit from outside the game, also the gungan could be a little better. Just a suggestion, hope you take it into consideration.
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