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  1. ah, this is where the patch thread is. Bug: the force crosshair (the blue swirl) doesn't work in jedi knight mode (haven't tried JM). now possibly it's intended to be like this, but if u start a new game in plain old jedi mode and then load up a save game that is in Jedi Knight mode, the force crosshair works again. a minor thing, but i found it a little confusing as i have limited brain capacity . i think it should be consistent, ie it should be turned off again when i load up my save game at harder difficulty level.
  2. soz to be a pain in the butt guys...can anybody else confirm that their sabre blocking works (or doesn't work) against the laser turrets, sentry guns etc? 'cos mine is basically completely non-functional. if i stand KK in front of one of these turrets he basically raises his sabre like he's going to block something and then just holds it there, while the lasers continue to fire at him (missing the sabre). i've confirmed that it was not, in fact, working in the earlier level (ns_hideout). i remember i used to get hit on the odd occasion and i assumed it was because my defence was rubbish, but now that i've looked again, the only reason i didn't get hit more was because i was running around like a madman. it works (mostly, ie 99%) of the time against everything else (storm troopers, mini-and full at-st walkers, weequays etc).
  3. hmm...so he doesn't just stand there like a stunned mullet? i wonder what is wrong with mine then. what difficulty level are you playing on?
  4. it's meant to be like that. it (generally) shows where you're shot will actually hit if u fire, so if u'r close to an object it will not hit dead centre (eg try shooting from around a wall). i find it more useful like this, but if u don't like it i, u can change it with the console (cg_dynamicCrosshair to 0, i think). this will make it static in the centre of the screen. but it tends to mean that your shots won't hit where the crosshair says they will, even at medium-long distances.
  5. (bump) hello? is there somewhere i can post this as a bug?
  6. Hi all, just a quick query...is it normal for my light saber defence to be completely non-functional against turrets and sentries (but not walkers)? What happens is that KK raises his sabre like he's going to block and then just stands there like an idiot, getting hammered. I've got a defence rank of 3, and i seem to recall it sort of working when i was on rank 1 in one of the ns levels (i think it was the one after streets, whatever it's called). if it's not normal, any ideas? PS why does the search function on these forums keep being turned on and off?
  7. not sure if this is a bug or not - the crosshair does not turn blue when it's over a 'forceable' (lol) object in jedi knight difficulty mode. it does if i'm in jedi mode. the funny thing is, if i start a new game in jedi mode, and then load up my jedi knight save game, then the skill level is still jedi knight (g_spskill 2), but the force crosshair works again. does anyone know what the intended behaviour is?
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