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    I am a over ambitious developer who is creating SW:KotOR III without the permission of EA, You want in?
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  1. Just a shot of The Game Music and Ambient sounds in UDK, tbh, educating each other means tearing apart games... so be it. Just drop the UPK's into your content dir. and have fun. with em, will be doing all the assets into a modern engine where people can have some real dev fun with em, no harm in that now is there... if im not mistaken this is a fair usage ! happy educating. may the force be with you.
  2. Another Update, this time in terms of resources. I have Packaged the Game Audio from The Games and put them into UDK packages. http://cdev.swkotor3.com/GAudio/ You will find the .UPKs there for the UDK Engine. Porting as much as i can, might aswell, its all educational, and fun too. off topic, but.. related, still workin on freds code.
  3. So like i said, an update, Fred Tetra Source is located here Public Directory http://cdev.swkotor3.com/source/ktool/ 7z Archive with Password of fredtetra. http://cdev.swkotor3.com/source/ktool/ktool_source_decompiled.7z let me know if there is any issues. and as for github, yeah, once it works and is able to be compiled, right now, i dont know what works and what doesnt.. but ill mash through the code tonight, see what i can clean up.
  4. ill get you a fresh copy of the source code guys. im working on a visual studio solution, piece by piece importing code... ill leave an update here when i reupload the new source package.. it will be full of kinks so bear with me on it. just makin something to eat then, i will reproduce the source code. for VS2012 Community.
  5. Nope not yet, but im looking at just rebuilding the whole thing from scratch, by taking apart freds tool, now the only thing is, was it VB or C# i know its .net version 1, but its just the language, C# looks more promising, since the games are mostly C++. Working on it some more tonight. Will report back what i can get up and running, as so far, i can recompile the forms, but then im left with no buttons, no labels and such, since most of it is written in the code and not in the Visual Designer which is the problem but by examining the code, you could be able to build your own, and work around some issues. its all trial and error. and fun too.
  6. links working, forgot to put folders back on after updating my server. shud be working for you now.
  7. ALright Alvar007, well i dont exactly mod, to be honest, the only modding i do is with the KSE as thats all i really need to use, but as for what your looking for dude, wish i could help as i aint got the foggiest idea
  8. that may be the only way to do it, or i could go and recode it...thats alot of work fred put in but even if i can get it up and running, ill make available on the kotor 3 website when ive got it up and running
  9. if someone can help me correct the errors in his source code then ill keep it updated but if i have to go through all the source and rebuild it then i will do as its an awsome little tool, add a dash of color maybe even a sound player or a few more tweeks like a 3d model viewer or something.
  10. Hello everyone, Just been working hard on kotor 3, got something you guys might like. Fred Tetra's source code, i've tried to get in contact with him but his email is dead so Fred if your looking at this please give me some ideas as to why this code is not compiling. or send me the source would be so much easier anyway guys i've decompiled the kotor tool using .net reflector and i for the hell cant figure it out why its erroring and not compiling as i'm trying to start updating it since fred hasn't done it in a while but ill upload the source for everyone to download, everyone who helps get it to compile and to work will be credit and if you create your own feature let me know asap Good Luck! ShortyIsHere http://www.droitechgames.com http://www.swkotor3.com Updated Links for KotOR Tool Source Code Decompiled into C# Public Directory Directory of Source Code 7z Archive with Password of fredtetra. Source Archive File 7Zip Format. you will also notice i've chucked in the decompiler as well, just use that to de compile the kotor tool exe and extract the source code yourself as well Edit:07:20am Aug 12 On a last note, right now i'm currently working on a utilities box, that will help other modders out in being a whole lot faster to mod. i will have as many tools as i can find bundled into the software, all game specific but hey, if i can refigure the kotor tool source, then perhaps i can rebuild the tool. im still working on that one.
  11. Fred! My name is Shaun and i've been using your kotor tool for quite a while now and i would like to work on the source if you will allow me to, as i want to give the tool an overhaul as there is quite a lot that can be worked on. and i would like to put my name inside as a contributor to the tool. also i would like to upgrade the .net framework on this tool i would love to hear back from you over this tool as it really has got great potential to be made bigger and even more successful. Shaun Cassidy http://www.swkotor3.com/
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