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  1. Thank you for clearing that up I've been off injured in a lightsaber with a member from jedi council forums, I will post my levels soon.
  2. Chapter 4 Mon Calamari The redemption exits lightspeed near the planet Yavin IV, Starkiller, Juno Eclipse, Senator Mothma & Commodore Commodore Yat-De-Viedas are seen looking at the planet from the bridge, General Kota enters saying: Kota: We have reached Yavin IV. Juno: Yes General Kota. Mon: This planet will be your base of operations, the empire has no bases out this far. Starkiller: For now, they will eventually finds us. Yat: They will if your reckless actions continue. Starkiller: Listen Commodore I have a problem with authority so if you want to test me further..... Mon: Thats enough both of you Starkiller & Yat-De-Viedas continue to exchange looks. Mon says: Mon: Captain Eclipse take the rogue shadow to the base on Yavin IV General Jan Dodonna is expecting you, Im moving this frigrate to another location. Kota: Come on Starkiller Juno lets go. Starkiller does not respond. Juno says: Juno: Starkiller!!!! Starkiller: Fine & Commodore I will see you soon. Yat: Leave now. Mon: Starkiller you have your orders. The clip shows Starkiller & the others leave the bridge as Commodore Yat-De-Viedas is seen giving a faint smile, Starkiller & the others are seen heading to the hangar bay, they enter the rogue shadow that is seen leaving the Redemption just as it enters lightspeed to a unknown destination. The rogue shadow is seen heading to the planet surface, Juno says: Juno; Starkiller you have to let the loss of Vader go. Kota: I agree, we will get another chance, but if you continue to challenge the Commodore's authority..... Starkiller: What Kota what are you going to do, arrest me. Kota: It's his ship, he will give that order if you test him. Proxy is seen entering the cockpit.
  3. Its a honour I have registered a account my username remains the same.
  4. It's been a long time & still keeps going long after George Lucas is gone.
  5. Everybody has a life outside gaming it's not a 24/7/365 days thing.
  6. Yes I kept hearing a click,click sound then the xbox would eject the disk this is the first time this happened on any game a quick clean error gone.
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