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  1. As some of you know there are two exploits becoming more common on duel servers. This post has nothing to do with the dis/reconnect bug. It is about the second one where a client calls a vote and lags them self out for a moment so the vote will pass. What you will see is someone calls a vote, then starts rapidly changing everything from their model to their name and saber color to temporally 999 themselves. When a vote is called in a duel and one client is 999 it passes even with just the one vote. A very simple way to stop this is open your console by pressing Shift and ~ at the same, then type this: \bind any-key vote no As soon as the vote is called and they start to overflow simply kill the vote. You *can go into the menu and kill it, but you need to be quick (and it's simply easier this way). For those of you who know how to induce lag and cause a server command overflow, you can do so while they are 999 (it takes a few seconds before their ping returns) and actually dump them yourself without a vote. The reason for posting this is I have seen far too many people sit there and do nothing because they assume it takes two votes for it to pass in a duel so why bother (normally it does, hence the reason it's called a bug).
  2. Three 1.04 players who do light very well (actually better than they do dark): 1-SF-Screed 2-Saber|st (plays on UK infinite FF duel servers all the time) 2-Massacre (last known as STD-Cyanide and AWOL now) Granted all 3 play in a way most would consider as cheap, but the strategy and skill can not be denied.
  3. No argument there. BTW, I know you tend to Smurf a lot, so I never really know when it is you I am playing, but if you are that Saber|st guy from the Infinite Frag servers, you rock when you play Light side. If that's not you then, nm.
  4. Nah, Over is a riot, I love watching newbies go nuts when he lames on them. It's funny as Hell to watch him strut around and zap people.
  5. Heheh, Overlord22 = Teh King of full Force duel laming.
  6. Where do you play at the most? Seriously, not a smack-talk or anything. I just think it would be fun to get a chance to play a lot of the regulars who have posted here for quite sometime.
  7. I'm a loner...a rebel. Just a parting of the ways, I really have more fun just screwing around than playing competitively so it's best just to step aside rather than let anyone down. It's not a matter of not wanting to be in this clan, just a matter of not wanting to play for any clan. And no, there is no bad blood. I respect the ability of the players in SF and have had a great time playing with/against them and hope to remain friends with all of the members. And BTW a cool combo to try (back to the topic). Grip>kick>kick>drop>(they stutter while still in the *choke phase)saber toss>kick.
  8. GKing is fun. There is an art/skill to it though. Anyone can look down and kick away, but a smart GK user will work on his movements while in the air to avoid the push/pull attempts. BTW, a credit card has *16 digits silly-willy.
  9. Hehe, EliteLamers. I like that one. That’s the one thing I miss from other games, there are no true "lamer" clans in JK2. Granted DSbr was funny, but nothing along the lines of myg0t from Counter-Strike. Maybe I should go and form an elite type killing brigade just to liven things up on those NF/SO Vulcan Admin mod servers...
  10. The one thing about TWL that is kind of stupid is the way the ladder ranking works though. Pretty much all you have to do is join a ladder and challenge/beat the top guy/team on your first match to land in the #1 slot. You *should have to work your way up, but in TWL it's just a matter of defending the position once you get it.
  11. No. You should. Well, at least come destroy FotS with me for old times sake (they hate me more than you now).
  12. Hehe it wasn't trash talking guy, but I would be more than happy to hop on over to the TWL 1v1 ladder and hand you a 10-0. That was a joke, don't get frisky. And BTW, good luck to you and your guys w/ the FotS match.
  13. Before your match with Mal you played me (Sanguis Frater | Unnamed) in our server (you played SF-Swift also). We both put you down pretty easy. Both of us could take Mal 20-0. You took him 10-9. Having played pretty much every "Elite" FF duelist in this game (except for a few from 1.02 when I never played FF duels) I think I can judge ability and strategy pretty well. No offense, but you would not have lasted 30 seconds against dF. I'm not trying to insult you or anything, I have respect for both you and the ability of the members of your clan, so don't take the above the wrong way, it's just most people really have no idea how hard this guy was/is to beat.
  14. Hehe... In 5 V 5 TeamFFA Screed and I alone rack up more kills than most 5 player teams can. Don't take my word; just ask WOV or KOR for the score/stats (our last two TWL opponents). BTW, check your pm’s and send me what I asked.
  15. Damn, sorry to see you go. I *cough tried to rip off your style* learned a lot from the ass beatings you dealt out. I've got another month or two in me then it's off to SW Galaxies. Well, if you ever do feel like a match just for the Hell of it you know where to find me. And BTW, I am paying the server bill from now on so the whole kick/ban thing is not, nor ever will be my style.
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