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  1. can someone move this thread? then this link may help you > http://forum.pj64-emu.com/showthread.php?t=4168 ignore the fact it's a n64 emu forum, the thread is about the pc version. I was recently frantically searching for a solution to playing the game on my new laptop, was on the verge of giving up, about to resort to looking on ebay for a 2nd hand laptop (but that usually ends bad as used laptops are usually in awful condition). anyways stay on targ....topic. look for the mediafire link and download the roguecustom file, which contains a fixed executable for the game that slows down the game, syncing it better with newer hardware. fixes: no more camera issues in d3d. no more fast gameplay. side effects: fps are a bit slower in d3d, but not enough to make it unplayable weapon sounds are de-synced, you fire and the sounds occur a few seconds later, not really noticable after a while. you can also install nglide and play in glide mode. issues: camera bug happens once, F1 fixes it for the rest of play time, if you quit and start again, it just F1 it again. now the odd bit is on moddb some guys claim if you have a nvidia card the game will never work on new comps. my laptop has a gtx 675m and yes the game didn't work, it would get past the logo and then black screen with music playing. funnily enough overwriting the game folder the fixed copy made it get to the menu and be playable. something the fixer didn't mention, his fix was just for the fast gameplay. (as far as i can tell) anyway, just thought i'd share my findings.
  2. no it isn't. I installed it on my machine the other day and begun playing through again. it may have 2d sprites for characters and low resolution textures for the terrain, but it's a damn good game. the best of the prequel games. may this board live on.
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