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  1. Try running the game with admin rights and in compatibility mode.
  2. http://jump.fm/WNCJS Copy the files to Program Files (x86)\Activision\Star Wars The Force Unleashed\FMV. You might also want to make a backup of the files that are being replaced.
  3. Every time I start Empire at War I notice that antialiasing isn't working. However in the video options AA is still set to max. In order to make it work I have to disable antialiasing and activate it again. I tried the game on the two systems below and with several different drivers. Athlon XP 3000+ Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe 2 GB RAM Geforce 6800 Ultra 256 MB Windows XP Core2Duo 6400 Asus P5B-E 3 GB Ram Geforce 8800 GTS 512 MB Windows XP
  4. No, that didn't work either.Anyway I used kse to make her a jedi now. Thanks a lot for your help. Can somebody tell me what savegame value determines Revans alignment or alternatively if there is a way to view the lightside part of the holocron/T3 messages.
  5. Now I'm back on Telos , nobody's there and none of the doors are working wtf. PS: Does the game always assume a darkside ending in part 1 or did I answer the questions wrong?
  6. Ok I talked to Kreia about her. She told me she had been a Jedi Master and that she wasn't allowed to have children. Then she said that you don't have to be a Jedi to use the force and that I would train Handmaiden just by being an example. Is that it? Handmaidens status hasn't changed yet.
  7. That option isn't there anymore.
  8. How do I make the Last Handmaidem a Jedi? I already defeated her 3 times and asked her to become a Jedi . She said she would think about it but nothing is coming after that.
  9. Really ? Earlier this week I saw an interview with AMERICAN officers that are planning the attack on tv and there was not a single word about weapons of mass destruction. What they said was 'when the war is over the USA will have an unlimited oil supply and Bush can destroy the OPEC'.
  10. http://www.udpsoft.com/eye/
  11. You need one of the patches. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/jedioutcast2.htm
  12. http://www.techspot.com/tweaks/jedioutcast/jedi-6.shtml
  13. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/jedioutcast2.htm
  14. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=63491
  15. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=84774
  16. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Console List by XorKaya I decided to put this list together for all the future (and present) modders out there. This will hopefully help them in the developing of some great mods, configs, and who knows what else. All console commands and be completed using the [TAB] key. You can also see the default and present values of most commands/settings by pressing the [ENTER] key. ]\+ (also works with '-' (minus)) +altattack +attack +back +button0 +button1 +button10 +button11 +button12 +button13 +button14 +button2 +button3 +button4 +button5 +button6 +button7 +button8 +button9 +force_drain +force_grip +force_lightning +forward +left +lookdown +lookup +mlook +movedown +moveleft +moveright +moveup +right +scores +speed +strafe +taunt +use +useforce ]\a activeAction addbot arch ]\b bind bindlist bot_aasoptimize bot_attachments bot_camp bot_challenge bot_debug bot_developer bot_enable bot_fastchat bot_forceclustering bot_forcepowers bot_forcereachability bot_forcewrite bot_forgimmick bot_grapple bot_groundonly bot_interbreedbots bot_interbreedchar bot_interbreedcycle bot_interbreedwrite bot_maxdebugpolys bot_minplayers bot_nochat bot_order bot_pause bot_reachability bot_reloadcharacters bot_report bot_rocketjump bot_saveroutingcache bot_testclusters bot_testichat bot_testrchat bot_testsolid bot_thinktime bot_visualizejumppads bot_wp_clearweight bot_wp_distconnect bot_wp_edit bot_wp_info bot_wp_visconnect ]\c callteamvote callvote capturelimit centerview cg_animBlend cg_animspeed cg_auraShell cg_autoswitch cg_bobpitch cg_bobroll cg_bobup cg_cameraOrbit cg_cameraOrbitDelay cg_centertime cg_crosshairHealth cg_crosshairSize cg_crosshairX cg_crosshairY cg_currentSelectedPlayer cg_currentSelectedPlayerName cg_debuganim cg_debugevents cg_debugposition cg_debugsaber cg_deferPlayers cg_dismember cg_draw2D cg_draw3dIcons cg_drawAmmoWarning cg_drawCrosshair cg_drawCrosshairNames cg_drawEnemyInfo cg_drawFPS cg_drawFriend cg_drawGun cg_drawIcons cg_drawRewards cg_drawScores cg_drawSnapshot cg_drawStatus cg_drawTeamOverlay cg_drawTimer cg_dynamicCrosshair cg_errordecay cg_footsteps cg_forceModel cg_fov cg_gibs cg_gunX cg_gunY cg_gunZ cg_hudFiles cg_ignore cg_lagometer cg_marks cg_noplayeranims cg_nopredict cg_noProjectileTrail cg_noTaunt cg_noVoiceChats cg_noVoiceText cg_predictItems cg_runpitch cg_runroll cg_saberContact cg_saberTrail cg_scorePlums cg_selectedPlayer cg_selectedPlayerName cg_shadows cg_showmiss cg_simpleItems cg_smoothClients cg_speedTrail cg_stats cg_stereoSeparation cg_swingAngles cg_teamChatHeight cg_teamChatsOnly cg_teamChatTime cg_thirdPerson cg_thirdPersonAlpha cg_thirdPersonAngle cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp cg_thirdPersonHorzOffset cg_thirdPersonPitchOffset cg_thirdPersonRange cg_thirdPersonTargetDamp cg_thirdPersonVertOffset cg_timescaleFadeEnd cg_timescaleFadeSpeed cg_tracerchance cg_tracerlength cg_tracerwidth cg_trueLightning cg_viewsize cg_zoomfov changeVectors cinematic cl_allowDownload cl_anglespeedkey cl_anonymous cl_autolodscale cl_avidemo cl_conXOffset cl_currentServerAddress cl_debugMove cl_downloadName cl_forceavidemo cl_framerate cl_freelook cl_freezeDemo cl_maxpackets cl_maxPing cl_motd cl_motdString cl_mouseAccel cl_nodelta cl_noprint cl_packetdup cl_paused cl_pitchspeed cl_run cl_running cl_serverStatusResendTime cl_showmouserate cl_shownet cl_showSend cl_showTimeDelta cl_timeNudge cl_timeout cl_yawspeed clear clientinfo clientkick cm_noAreas cm_noCurves cm_playerCurveClip cmd cmdlist color1 color2 com_blood com_buildScript com_cameraMode com_dropsim com_hunkmegs com_ignoreothertasks com_introplayed com_maxfps com_othertasks com_showtrace com_speeds com_validateZone con_notifytime condump configstrings confirmOrder connect cvar_restart cvarlist ]\d debug_protocol debugBB debuggraph dedicated demo denyOrder developer devmap devmapall devmapmdl dir disconnect dmflags duel_fraglimit dumpuser ]\e echo engage_duel exec ]\f fdir fixedtime follow force_absorb force_distract force_forcepowerother force_heal force_healother force_protect force_pull force_rage force_seeing force_speed force_throw forcechanged forcenext forcepowers forcepowers forceprev fraglimit fs_basegame fs_basepath fs_cdpath fs_copyfiles fs_debug fs_game fs_homepath fs_openedList fs_referencedList fs_restrict ]\g g_adaptrespawn g_allowVote g_arenasFile g_autoMapCycle g_banIPs g_blueTeam g_botsFile g_debugAlloc g_debugDamage g_debugMove g_dismember g_doWarmup g_duelWeaponDisable g_enableBreath g_enableDust g_ff_objectives g_filterBan g_forceBasedTeams g_forceDodge g_forcePowerDisable g_forceRegenTime g_forcerespawn g_friendlyFire g_friendlySaber g_gametype g_gravity g_inactivity g_knockback g_listEntity g_log g_logSync g_maxForceRank g_maxGameClients g_maxHolocronCarry g_motd g_needpass g_password g_podiumDist g_podiumDrop g_privateDuel g_quadfactor g_rankings g_redTeam g_restarted g_saberInterpolate g_saberLocking g_smoothClients g_spAwards g_spawnInvulnerability g_speed g_spScores1 g_spScores2 g_spScores3 g_spScores4 g_spScores5 g_spSkill g_spVideos g_statLog g_statLogFile g_synchronousClients g_teamAutoJoin g_teamForceBalance g_timeouttospec g_warmup g_weaponDisable g_weaponrespawn g_weaponTeamRespawn gamedate gamename gfxinfo give globalservers god graphheight graphscale graphshift ]\h handicap heartbeat ]\i imagecacheinfo imagelist in_debugjoystick in_joyBallScale in_joystick in_midi in_midichannel in_mididevice in_midiport in_mouse in_restart invnext invprev ]\j journal joy_threshold ]\k k_language kick kill killserver ]\l levelshot loaddefered loaddeferred localservers logfile ]\m m_filter m_forward m_pitch m_side m_yaw map map_restart mapname meminfo messagemode messagemode2 messagemode3 messagemode4 midiinfo model model modelcacheinfo modelist modellist music ]\n name net_forcenonlocal net_ip net_killdroppedfragments net_noipx net_noudp net_port net_qport net_restart net_socksEnabled net_socksPassword net_socksPort net_socksServer net_socksUsername nextdemo nextframe nextmap nextOrder nextskin nextTeamMember noclip notarget ]\p password path ping play pmove_fixed pmove_msec prevframe prevskin prevTeamMember protocol ]\q quit ]\r r_allowExtensions r_allowSoftwareGL r_ambientScale r_autolodscalevalue r_clear r_colorbits r_colorMipLevels r_customaspect r_customheight r_customwidth r_debuglight r_debugSort r_debugSurface r_depthbits r_detailtextures r_directedScale r_displayRefresh r_dlightBacks r_drawBuffer r_drawentities r_drawSun r_drawworld r_dynamiclight r_ext_compiled_vertex_array r_ext_compress_lightmaps r_ext_compress_textures r_ext_gamma_control r_ext_multitexture r_ext_preferred_tc_method r_ext_texture_env_add r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic r_ext_texture_filter_anisotropic_avail r_facePlaneCull r_fastsky r_finish r_flareFade r_flares r_flareSize r_fullbright r_fullscreen r_gamma r_ghoul2animsmooth r_ghoul2unsqashaftersmooth r_ignore r_ignoreFastPath r_ignoreGLErrors r_ignorehwgamma r_inGameVideo r_intensity r_lastValidRenderer r_lightmap r_lockpvs r_lodbias r_lodCurveError r_lodscale r_logFile r_maxpolys r_maxpolyverts r_measureOverdraw r_mode r_modelpoolmegs r_nobind r_nocull r_nocurves r_noportals r_norefresh r_noserverghoul2 r_novis r_offsetfactor r_offsetunits r_overBrightBits r_picmip r_portalOnly r_primitives r_printShaders r_showcluster r_showImages r_shownormals r_showsky r_showSmp r_showtris r_simpleMipMaps r_singleShader r_skipBackEnd r_smp r_speeds r_stencilbits r_stereo r_subdivisions r_surfaceSprites r_surfaceWeather r_swapInterval r_texturebits r_texturebitslm r_textureMode r_uiFullScreen r_verbose r_vertexLight r_we r_windAngle r_windDampFactor r_windGust r_windPointForce r_windPointX r_windPointY r_windSpeed r_znear rate rcon rconAddress rconPassword reconnect record reset ]\s s_doppler s_initsound s_khz s_language s_mixahead s_mixPreStep s_mp3overhead s_musicMult s_musicvolume s_separation s_show s_soundpoolmegs s_testsound s_volume saberAttackCycle say say_team scoresDown scoresUp scr_conspeed screenshot screenshot_tga sectorlist sensitivity server1 server10 server11 server12 server13 server14 server15 server16 server2 server3 server4 server5 server6 server7 server8 server9 serverinfo serverstatus session0 set seta setenv sets setu setviewpos sex shaderlist showdrop showip showpackets sizedown sizeup skinlist snaps snd_restart soundinfo soundlist soundstop sp_language sp_show_strip spdevmap spLose spmap spWin startOrbit stats status stoprecord sv_allowAnonymous sv_allowDownload sv_cheats sv_debugserver sv_floodProtect sv_forcenext sv_forceprev sv_fps sv_hostname sv_invnext sv_invprev sv_keywords sv_killserver sv_mapChecksum sv_mapname sv_master1 sv_master2 sv_master3 sv_master4 sv_master5 sv_maxclients sv_maxPing sv_maxRate sv_minPing sv_padPackets sv_pakNames sv_paks sv_paused sv_privateClients sv_privatePassword sv_pure sv_reconnectlimit sv_referencedPakNames sv_referencedPaks sv_running sv_saberswitch sv_serverid sv_showloss sv_timeout sv_zombietime svsay sys_cpuid sys_cpuspeed sys_cpustring sys_memory systeminfo ]\t taskCamp taskDefense taskEscort taskFollow taskOffense taskOwnFlag taskPatrol taskRetrieve taskSuicide tauntDeathInsult tauntGauntlet tauntKillInsult tauntPraise tauntTaunt tcmd team team_model teamoverlay teamtask teamtask teamvote tell tell_attacker tell_target testgun testmodel timedemo timegraph timelimit timescale toggle toggleconsole touchFile ]\u ui_about_botminplayers ui_about_capturelimit ui_about_dmflags ui_about_duellimit ui_about_fraglimit ui_about_gametype ui_about_hostname ui_about_mapname ui_about_maxclients ui_about_needpass ui_about_timelimit ui_actualNetGametype ui_bigFont ui_blueteam ui_blueteam1 ui_blueteam2 ui_blueteam3 ui_blueteam4 ui_blueteam5 ui_blueteam6 ui_blueteam7 ui_blueteam8 ui_browserGameType ui_browserMaster ui_browserShowEmpty ui_browserShowFull ui_browserSortKey ui_captureLimit ui_cdkeychecked ui_ctf_capturelimit ui_ctf_friendly ui_ctf_timelimit ui_currentMap ui_currentNetMap ui_currentOpponent ui_currentTier ui_debug ui_dedicated ui_ffa_fraglimit ui_ffa_timelimit ui_findPlayer ui_forcePowerDisable ui_fragLimit ui_freeSaber ui_gametype ui_initialized ui_joinGametype ui_lastServerRefresh_0 ui_lastServerRefresh_1 ui_lastServerRefresh_2 ui_lastServerRefresh_3 ui_mapIndex ui_menuFilesMP ui_mousePitch ui_myteam ui_netGametype ui_netSource ui_opponentName ui_q3model ui_r_glCustom ui_rankChange ui_recordSPDemo ui_recordSPDemoName ui_redteam ui_redteam1 ui_redteam2 ui_redteam3 ui_redteam4 ui_redteam5 ui_redteam6 ui_redteam7 ui_redteam8 ui_scoreAccuracy ui_scoreAssists ui_scoreBase ui_scoreCaptures ui_scoreDefends ui_scoreExcellents ui_scoreGauntlets ui_scoreImpressives ui_scorePerfect ui_scoreScore ui_scoreShutoutBonus ui_scoreSkillBonus ui_scoreTeam ui_scoreTime ui_scoreTimeBonus ui_selectedModelIndex ui_serverStatusTimeOut ui_singlePlayerActive ui_smallFont ui_spSelection ui_team_fraglimit ui_team_friendly ui_team_timelimit ui_teamName ui_tourney_fraglimit ui_tourney_timelimit unbind unbindall use_bacta use_electrobinoculars use_field use_seeker use_sentry username ]\v version vid_restart vid_xpos vid_ypos viewlog viewpos vm_cgame vm_game vm_ui vminfo vmprofile vosay vosay_team vote votell vsay vsay_team vstr vtaunt vtell vtell_attacker vtell_target ]\w wait weapnext weapon weapprev win_hinstance win_wndproc writeconfig
  17. sabercolor <red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple>
  18. Create a shortcut to jk2mp.exe and add +set sv_cheats 1 +set cg_thirdpersonrange 120 to the commandline. Mine would look like this: "E:\Programme\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2mp.exe" +set sv_cheats 1 +set cg_thirdpersonrange 120
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