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  1. I'd love some new music from Michael Land, especially in the more atmospheric style as heard on Blood Island in CMI, but I also liked the Reggae songs on Plunder Island and the orchestral songs like in the sea battles and sword fights. I really liked how each island was kind of segmented into different musical styles and how well it all blended together with the beautiful background art from Bill Tiller to create a unique atmosphere. He's one of those guys that really should get hired more often for game soundtracks... But maybe it's because he's too busy doing other stuff, we reall
  2. If you still need help with the music, let me know. I already have a few MIDIs in progress.
  3. The new characters look really impressive! You guys have come a long way, looking back at the original character models.
  4. As far as I know, there isn't a lot of "remastered" music actually. From what I understand most songs are untouched, but higher sample rate, only the main theme was redone by orchestra, and some tracks have new instrument tracks which are replacing some of the sampled instruments.
  5. Cool idea! I think you did an amazing job sequencing those tracks. I'm a little late to the "party", but I'd like to contribute, here is my midi version of the music track that plays in the Hotel on Blood Island : https://mega.co.nz/#!rwMRBI7Q!v-J5Cr6Hax7Wg0zgjAAqXq6usIfzvyeOc27viTlSYs0 I did this in two hours, so there might be a lot of wrong notes. I did this by first syncing my daw to the original track and then by ear "painting" all the notes on top of it. It's really hard especially when you have so many chords and instruments going on at once. For instance there is an accordeon in t
  6. Nice playlist! I may do a guitar cover of some of the songs one day...
  7. Ah I see, too bad he stopped making Soundtracks after Curse, I guess. Apparently he made the Soundtrack to the "Tales of" Monkey Island games though, but I have yet to play those.
  8. I wonder, if Michael Land alone was responsive for this masterpiece soundtrack, or if he had help by some people. I'm wondering because Monkey Island 4 sounded VERY different, much more dry, unmelodic, unemotional to the point where it sounded almost generic. So generic in fact, that the track Prothese Shop which stands out the most is a recycled tune "Firing the Canonon" from Curse. The Curse soundtrack was special, because it was melodic, energetic, atmospheric and most of all, it conveyed emotions and perfectly musically underscored every situation in the game. Every single track had a
  9. Looks freaking awesome, i love it!!!
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