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  1. Yeah, it's for a personal archive I'm creating and might share the information once I have enough to make worthwhile. (Not just JK) The problem I'm having is a mass quantity of OEM Jewel Cases on eBay and zero US Retail boxes. Add onto it that there were so many editions of the game and there's also no guarantee that what you're buying hasn't been cross contaminated to make a complete set either. I'm working on very minimal information here, but I believe there were at least two different US printings between Oct 9th and the archive/MoTS bundle was released. I can't know for sure, bu
  2. I was wondering if anyone still has a copy of Dark Forces II that they know for a fact was pre-ordered/ordered early from Lucasarts directly. I need to know the Mastering Code on both discs which should be lasered into the dark inner ring of the CD. Example: http://i.imgur.com/6q3LM.jpg
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