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  1. The Morgan model was used in SP for JKII during cut-scenes & was a popular model for MP in JKII. In JKA they included many of the popular models for MP from the previous game for those that liked them, even if those chars weren't seen in JKA SP. This is the 5th game in the series, so it's not that abnormal that they would include chars from past games for MP.
  2. If it's anything like the Jump to Lightspeed expansion for SWG, the vapor trails are an optical effect added in to give the illusion of traveling at high speeds, while in actuality the fighters are just creeping along at a turtles pace inside a small sized map made for FPS style gameplay & not for a true space/flight sim where the crafts can travel at more realistic speeds without running out of room.
  3. Yeah Prophet, you're about 2 years late with that comment, LOL. Most of the people here don't believe in scripting any moves other than the specials with directions straight from the game manual, & our posting here about them has resulted in patches fixing most of the abuses that resulted from them. You've obviously got some serious catching up to do in this thread before any comments like that will hold any merit.
  4. Click on the Scripts sticky thread.
  5. Yeah, that's pretty cool! the oldest I've seen was in his 50's but he's not around much anymore.
  6. No, that's possible to do without a script. The yellow DFA allows for turning right/left during the move. If you normally turn with your mouse, try turning fast during the move & you should spin like a top. Same with turns bound to a key, but no variation in speed of turns. You can use this ability to turn to get better aim, hit multiple targets, or go ballistic & look like a human blender (quite funny but not always effective).
  7. Yep, you're right. You described the method I mentioned above. By altering your movement direction by a degree of one in either direction, you can do up to 3 moves in a red combo (up to 2 of the same without altering direction). I forgot to mention that you can also do a red DFA at the end of the combo too since we were talking about normal swing combos. Nice catch! I believe the same may be true for yellow, if you do the 4 moves prior in a working configuration, the 5th move could be a yellow DFA. Gotta try that one out for sure.
  8. You can chain up to 3 moves in red, but the "fan move" where you swing from side to side can only be done in yellow & blue, not red. Here's something I posted a while ago that may be useful regarding chaining moves: Chaining moves: You can chain moves in all 3 stances with certain restrictions. In Yellow & Red there are limits to the total number of swings in a combo, & then there are also restrictions on the type of swing combos that can be done. Blue = unlimited number of swings & unlimited number of the same kind in a row. Yellow = up to 5 swings total & up to 3 of the same kind in a row. Red = up to 3 swings total & up to 2 of the same kind in a row. When mixing swings in a combo, you can differ the next swing by one direction (45 degrees) in either direction from the last swing, such as "forward + attack" followed by either "forward/left + attack" or "forward/right + attack". Blue & Yellow stances also allow you to chain swings that are the direct opposite of each other, such as "left + attack" followed by "right + attack". (this is an example of the fan move you were talking about) Hope that helps. Good Luck!
  9. Well, manual is always best anyways. It's cool to mess around with scripts to learn how the game works, but they have many drawbacks if you try to rely on them in real matches. If you master them manually you will kick move scripter's tail. Just to clarify on the lock script though, you DO need the space in there. Here's how the bind should look if you do it to a normal key on the keyboard: bind x "+attack; -attack" change x to any key you want on the keyboard. This will not work on a scroll button (up/down) on your mouse. Actually no bind with more than one command will work on the scroll buttons at all. For some reason it stops after the first part of the command & does not read the following parts. You can use the scroll button for locks though by binding it to attack through the game menu or with either of these binds: bind MWHEELUP +attack bind MWHEELDOWN +attack Now if you roll the mouse wheel up or down real fast, you should be able to do saber locks. The first bind up above is really fast & is meant to use against people who are either using the same thing, or have a controller with an auto repeat button that does basically the same thing. As you saw, when it works, it is really fast, so to make things even you really just need to occasionally tap on it until the lock is over.
  10. That's wierd, binding a mousewheel to "+attack" should have worked fine & can even be done through the game menu, & the bind "+attack; -attack" should have worked too. I noticed you had it posted here without a space after the ";" but that could have been a typo, if not try it again. Also remember that the "+attack; -attack" bind won't work on a mousewheel at all, & is slow on other mouse buttons. It works best on a key on the keyboard for some reason. I would use this only to keep locks even if I were you though, when it does work it's really fast & your opponant will be pissed at you if you abuse it. I've never used a kick script, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Try this: bind x "+moveup; -moveup; wait 2; +moveup; -moveup" You would still have to be pressing the appropriate movement key along with this for it to work I believe, & it's still a good idea to get it down manually. Maybe your ping at 56K is what's not letting them work, & if so you may find the same problem with the binds too, dunno, but good luck.
  11. That's a cool idea. I've seen some flight sims that have similar maps, once you reach the edge there is no terrain, etc.
  12. Yeah, but we're talking about combining them so they're both on the same server as a single game type. If you're in a craft, you could do strafing/bombing runs against other players running around on the ground. If you're on the ground, you could shoot at the craft with small arms, turret guns, or a shoulder fired missle, etc. Players could board a craft & one of them fly it to another part of the map where they all get out and start a firefight. Or they could disable another ship & board it, eliminate the crew aboard & take over the controls. It would all be intermixed, with people in flight mode & FPS mode all at the same time playing with each other & seeing everything the others are doing, all without knowingly switching to any different game type. This type of game is a few years away to get that kind of detail. We're talking maps the size of Texas with every single building of every single city or town being a fully detailed map of its own complete with AI civilians etc. We won't see this sort of thing until the average pc has the technology of today's supercomputers, & even then we may have to wait a bit. Will be darn cool though when it happens.
  13. Yeah, you could do that. It's mainly that you're dividing it into parts, as you put it, that would make it work. That is sort of similar to what they did in Shadows of the Empire. They used the different types of engines for the different mission types, FPS engine for the shoot em ups, & the space sim engine for the ship flying stuff. In a SP game with a linear plot this would be very easy. But a SP or MP game that allows the player the freedom to choose FPS or Flight mode at any moment during the game without loading a new mission would require a different type of engine to handle both the huge maps necessary for the flight mode aspect along with the incredible amount of detail required to inhabit that entire map with the kind of detailed buildings, people, vehicles, etc. that you find in a FPS. It's years away from reality, but when it comes it's gonna be way cool.
  14. LOL. Yep, it can be a pain. A nice counter to it is a red overhead chop just out of range from their blue/yellow, or a lunge.
  15. LOL, yeah, those look cool but that's about it. Crouch is useful in a few other moves though. If you are crouching while alternating the side to side attacks in Blue or Yellow you can slice people up at their knees where it is harder for them to block. Some people refer to this as the Fan move.
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