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  1. On my journey to get a most suitable config for my JA++ LAN server I’ve read through all the sites I could find regarding JA++ (and basic server cvars). I’ve also tried to comment every cvar in the config, but I couldn’t find a description for the following ones. Does anyone know what these settings do? set sv_floodProtect "1" set g_allowDuelSuicide "1" set g_stepSlideFix "1" set g_allowNPC "1" What are effectively the effects of the following cvars and which are the "best practice" values for them? set g_saberLocking "1" //0 disables 1 enables saber locks set g_saberLockFactor "7" //sets the probability of a saber lock What does this cvar do? japp_ammapAnyGametype If this is set to 0, wouldn’t it be then possible to switch from a FFA to a duel map through map voting? How does ledge grabbing work? :)japp_allowLedgeGrab "1" Client cvar: Is there any known disadvantage for using this cvar with a 4:3 screen? set cg_fovAspectAdjust "1" // adjust fov for widescreen aspect ratio Is there a more “comfortable” option for the clients to configure a key for the grappling hook or the jetpack (besides the bind command in the console)? I’ve found this on the net (but couldn’t find it in the setup menu): “Benefits of JA++ As a user: It can do everything JA+ can do user wise. It has the ability to make all the console commands be in the Setup menu nice and organized. No more looking around for the arcane commands!” It would be great if someone can and would like to help me with the answers
  2. After all these years we would like to play Jedi Academy at our LAN-parties (the retail disc version + the official patch). So I did some investigation and came across OpenJK, JA++ and Movie Battles 2 as the essential files. Now I deeply hope, that you can tell how to install them and what should be noted furthermore. Thank you very much for answering.
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