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  1. intresting to say the least and lol 2d won't really help with designing a 3d game because the mecanics of the two are so different and I actually am working on a 2d game with my company i helped co-found this i am currently doing independantly but may bring up at our next meeting I am not worried about the design of the levels in that i know i can do it the only thing i am worried about is the art work lol but we have two dedicated artist working at the company btw just curious if we ask the IP and they gave us permission would that mean we could sell the game legitimately like on steam? (not that we would ask for much if anything)
  2. how do you mean? like selecting i want this character to fall for this character or...?
  3. Hey if you go to the unknown regions on this forums and the KoToR 3 thread I am (hopefully) making a spiritual successor/inbetween kotor 1 and kotor 2 game
  4. I will, I have some basic ideas for where I want to go with his background lol and I wouldn't HAVE to kill of the main character ( though I might just to keep you guys on your toes)
  5. Hmm I'll think of some stuff that sounds good though
  6. not a bad idea but i'll have to do a little research, is he in any books? or just kotor 2?
  7. The thing is that neither bioware nor obsidean are ever gonna make star wars games again disney bought all the rights when they purchased lucas arts and fired everyone cancelling all the projects and only have liscened EA as far as ive heard. so anything i made would probably be free and honestly I only care for staying cannon enough to not contridict anything cannon or EU Its a big universe with plenty of worlds and stories being cannon comes second to fun and story driven gameplay in my mind
  8. yeah it could tie into 2 with him hearing about the events that happen i'd be cool with that
  9. well what would everyone want more? and the only worry I have about making the game is disney basically clamped down on the game devs who can liscense lol
  10. Lol if you wanted I could make a simple tutorial on forcing the panel to open (and make sure you have the newest version) lol its not for everyone and I'm gonna try to find a way to liscence it through lucas or disney so that it's legal worse case scenaro we never label it as a star wars game and hope for the best
  11. yes I've messed with blender quite a bit, but my hope is to find a dedicated artist to create models and artwork I have extensive experence with unity in casual and professional environments (im no expert but I'm a quick learner too) I have taken a intro, python and C class I start javascript and c++ next semester I already am familiar with java and C# any other questions?
  12. So I've recently gotten back into the first KoToR game I've noticed a lot of want from the community for a succesor and while I don't own any rights to KoToR I was thinking of geting a team to together to create a spiritual successor to the second game. I was wondering how much support this would get so leave a comment on what you guys think. FYI I am a Computer Science major in college with a love for all things video games and especially star wars. I am currently co-founding a company but this venture may be a solo love of labor kind of thing because my company will be trying to alternate between games of choice and money makers to keep our small indie team fed. Any help if this does raise support would be greatly appreciated.
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