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  1. As we were not able to garner enough interest, this project has been closed on June 15, 2016. Thank you - to all our followers as long as it lasted!
  2. Intermediate success: A few weeks ago I've been able to reach Michael Land, and although he's quite busy, he signalled interest in this idea. If you would support our goal of funding new original Michael Land compositions, make sure to leave your email on our Prefundia page - so we can keep you updated! With 2016 approaching this fast, it's about time for an update/next step...
  3. Nope, but one of his peers encouraged me to wait a lil' longer, as he seems to be quite busy right now.
  4. Yes, exactly! That very same sentiment was the basis of my idea. In terms of progress on this: I've managed to get Michael Land's email and mailed him twice - so far no reaction. So either he's too busy, just as you said, or completely uninterested...
  5. It seems so... Well, your last post already made me think, and I've started reaching out to Mr. Land to check if he would be interested. If there's anybody out there who can help me contacting him, please PM me.
  6. I've edited the estimated price in the original post, as I think many would prefer a lower entry price, and worked your notion in, of having Mr. Land rework some MI classics. Also, you're right: this whole endeavour needs Michael Land's approval first. But I wanted to test the waters here, before I approach him.
  7. Two days, a lot of views, but not a single reaction!? Folks, speak up and let me know your sentiment (and enter that poll), plz.
  8. As we were not able to garner enough interest, this project has been closed on June 15, 2016. Thank you - to all our followers as long as it lasted! -- | Update: It seems we can move forward! Please subscribe to our mailing list if you'd support this project! | I've been listening to Monkey Island game soundtracks recently, CMI actually (well, self-made, unofficial ones..), and regretted that there isn't more music. Then I've investigated a bit what Michael Z. Land (mobygames) is doing and found that his output somewhat slowed down over the last few years. Now, connect that with the fact that famed composer Chris Hülsbeck recently funded a re-recording of his music via kickstarter, one of the more notable game-music related projects on kickstarter, IMHO. Also, let's highlight the Thimbleweed Park kickstarter project - so good to see the old gang churn out new content. So, here's the idea: Let's contract Michael Land directly for composition and recording of more "Michael Land-ish music" As a rough outline, let's ask him to do some tracks "in the vein of" Monkey Island, this laid-back, calypso, steeldrum style (more Danjer Cove, more Brim Stone Beach ambients); and possibly some more symphonic works à la The Dig (I'd like to see a weird "Ghosts", part 2) - maybe compiled on a 12 track album. Recorded to high standards, mixing live instruments with synths, recorded and/or mastered at Lucas Digital/Skywalker Sound - as in the olden days. We could do a poll here, to decide on the musical direction. To fund the project, we'll init a simple yet serious kickstarter project, ~100,000 $US ("simple" as in 'less rewards hassle', but "serious" as in 'properly funded'), for composition, recording, etc. Funders receive the finished product as digital download starting at let's say $10 - $18 or a physical copy for ~$20 - $30. Additional rewards could be signed copies or so. A bit more pricey as the average music album, but hey, it's custom made, more or less. Also, we could structure the kickstarter with stretch-goals (as an example): 70,000 $ - funded (6-track mini album, "more ambient music to plunder to") 100,000 $ - 12 track album (full album, "+6 tracks of Dig-ish sci-fi symphonics") 150,000 $ - 18 track album (full album with extras, "+6 reworked Monkey Island classics") What about that? Let's discuss. Here or on reddit: Let's contract Michael Land for new original compositions (Or at least leave your vote in the poll)
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