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  1. I've managed to put together a list of defines relating to Fate of Atlantis, based on what Serge has provided. Check it out. The decompilation is of the playable demo of the game, which actually has the whole fight and death code present. Crucially, some versions of the demo do not have this code (since it's usually in room 10, which was removed), which results in the game crashing when Indy drowns in room 82. The version which does have this code is Version A (according to DREAMM). Get it here. It's available on ScummVM's site as well, but I've got the precise version here.

  2. I just got my Shadows of the Empire CD, and the CD audio plays without issue in DREAMM. So it looks like the WinMM wrapper is not properly supported. And from there, I found other issues in X-Wing and TIE Fighter.


    In TIE Fighter for Windows, selecting the Joystick Flight Options doesn't show any options at all; the list is blank.

    In X-Wing for Windows, the joystick buttons can be reassigned without issue. However, rotating the Z-axis causes changing the engine speed, when this shouldn't be doing anything, and indeed does nothing in the joystick configuration.

    I can say for certain that these are issues with DirectInput emulation. It's serious in this case, since these games won't run at all without a joystick.

    EDIT: Indeed this is an emulation issue, as playing these games directly from Windows doesn't have such problems.


    The DOS CD version of X-Wing has a tendency to hang when entering a mission.

    EDIT: The DOS versions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter work just fine with the joystick now. It must have been a configuration goof on Windows' part that fixed itself.


    The joystick I'm using is the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, if that matters. It works wonderfully with the Rebel Assault games.


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  3. Great work on the Windows emulation. This greatly simplifies getting the Windows games running; no more need for compatibility fixes or workarounds. With macOS and Linux versions of DREAMM, it also makes them more portable!


    Having said all that, I did find one issue.

    Shadows of the Empire (GOG release) has an issue where the OGG tracks are stuttery, and eventually stop playing entirely. Is this related to the WinMM wrapper (win32.dll) that GOG uses to emulate the CD audio tracks? I've witnessed similar issues with the Windows versions of X-Wing and TIE Fighter (whose WinMM wrapper is named music.dll). I ordered an original CD of the game off eBay, and will test it to see if there are any problems with the tracks.


    Rebel Assault II version FA1.08 actually has a native Windows version of the game, which uses DirectX. I imagine there's little point in supporting that (probably doesn't have much improvement over the DOS version), but it's still good to know.


    All in all, a fine emulator for LucasArts games. Hopefully, X-Wing Alliance and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter can be supported in the future to complete the X-Wing series. More classic Star Wars games will certainly help. I've got Phantom Menace on the way from eBay, and that game has severe compatibility issues.

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  4. I have started my own site covering AGI, SCI, and SCUMM games. It's called [https://www.missingfloppies.com]The Missing Floppies[/url], named after the mythical Leisure Suit Larry 4. It covers technical information and things I have personally discovered during the decompilation of Sierra and LucasArts games. With a proper decompilation in hand, I can conclusively confirm or bust myths regarding the games.


    Since LucasHacks is gone, and SCIProgramming's admin has been absent for a year, I've been concerned about the future of the resources there (not so much with SCIProgramming, since SierraHelp's wikis have mirrored much of it). My site will serve as the go-to solution for said resources relating to AGI, SCI, and SCUMM tools.


    I wonder what's the current status of SCUMMCompanion...

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  5. 3 hours ago, Rum Rogers said:

    Brilliant, thanks for this!
    You might also want to have a look to a similar project from another fan (unless you're the same guy, in that case double congrats!).

    That wasn't me, but I was indeed inspired by that project. It has been quite helpful, and I can see the subtle differences between the C64 and DOS versions. For example, several things like actor and verb names were hard-coded into the C64 interpreter; these were moved into scripts for the DOS version. Maybe if someone makes an easy-to-use IDE (something like SCI Companion, only for SCUMM), I could make templates for the numerous versions.

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  6. For a while, I'd been doing a decompilation project for Sierra's SCI games. Now I've decided to do a similar project for the SCUMM games. I've got a repository up which currently includes the Maniac Mansion v1 demo and the Fate of Atlantis CD Demo. It looks as though the demos are stripped-down versions of the full games, as a significant amount of scripts are left over.

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