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  1. That wasn't me, but I was indeed inspired by that project. It has been quite helpful, and I can see the subtle differences between the C64 and DOS versions. For example, several things like actor and verb names were hard-coded into the C64 interpreter; these were moved into scripts for the DOS version. Maybe if someone makes an easy-to-use IDE (something like SCI Companion, only for SCUMM), I could make templates for the numerous versions.
  2. For a while, I'd been doing a decompilation project for Sierra's SCI games. Now I've decided to do a similar project for the SCUMM games. I've got a repository up which currently includes the Maniac Mansion v1 demo and the Fate of Atlantis CD Demo. It looks as though the demos are stripped-down versions of the full games, as a significant amount of scripts are left over.
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