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  1. Wow, in one sentence you managed to hit 2 out of 3 of the examples I gave earlier of the typical arguments an exploiter uses. Not only: "It is in the game, so use it" but also "If you don't like it, you can go somewhere else". It seems I hit the nail spot on in my earlier comment Perhaps you can explain to me why Raven bothered with making walking/running animations for all the models when all we are going to see anyway are people in the constantly crouch-like jumping position zooming across the map? Why did they even bother making the force speed power when it is useless anyway? Why the head bob issue when your feet practically never touch the ground? While we're at it, it seems to me Raven screwed up with several of the weapons too since their shots are to slow to catch up to the strafe jumping players. What bothers me about exploits like strafe jumping is simply that when 1 person starts doing it, everybody else HAVE to do it too (I refer to my example with the CTY situation). Then when everybody is strafe jumping around like imbeciles on speed, somebody comes up with a new scheme/exploit that will give him/her an advantage over the rest (it is apparently not enough just to be better/more skilled than the others). For a little while that person will dominate the game until the others find out what it is he/she has been doing and then they start doing it too. Lather, Rince, Repeat. Lather, Rince, Repeat. In the end, the result is always the same: The game loses all of its appeal and dies out for all but a small group of die hard fans. Anyway, you are right when you say that we've gotten off topic, so I'll shut up now
  2. And this attitude doesn't fall into the: "It's in the game, so use it" category? If I pick up a pile of dog droppings, put it on a plate, serve it at a dinner party as being chocolate pudding and the guests like it, does that mean that the dog droppings has magically been transformed into chocolate pudding? No my friend, not by a long shot. Just because Id chose to let the bug remain in the engine, it is still a bug. Do you honestly believe it is intentional that you can strafe jump faster than a regularly player can run with force speed on level 3 in a saber only CTY (Capture the Ysalami) match in JO? (i.e. you can't catch the strafe jumper in any way). How about the multitude of different ways that have been tried to stop the bunny jumping problem in CS ... they did that just for the hell of it? And now ... Touché. Well, that serves me right for using one of your quotes out of context:rolleyes: What I MEANT to say (and I suspect you know this already) was of course: "Now, if I'm in the mood for some great, non-balistic, close encounter MELEE multiplayer action with tons of cool moves and a strong element of outsmarting your opponent (rather than who has the quickest reflexes), I can just go play ... what?" The problem is that I actually want to PLAY the game, not sit around watching other people play from anything between 5-30 minutes before I get the chance to fight for 30 seconds (or a few minutes if I win a couple of rounds) and then go back to watching all over again. Though only a single duel challenge can take place at a time in FFA (and none on your server ), there is a chance that other equally minded players want to "duel", even if a challenge has not been made. This is not saying that I would like for everyone to just wait their turn to duel (if you're willing to wait then I agree that you should go to a duel server) and if that is what the others are doing then I'll rather get my ass served to me while trying to defeat a grip spammer or a "ForceQuake" player (that one time in 5 or 10 that I actually get him is a lot more sweet than the other 4-9 times are sour ) Yes well, I have to admit that (probably) due to the weird master server thingy I can find less than a handful of servers were the ping is even halfway decent, so right now my choices are rather limited. In theory you are correct of course Regarding your example about the complete and utter ass, well I couldn't agree with you more. There is no defense/reason for behavior like that. It doesn't matter whether you are abusing the "honor code" conduct to avoid getting your heinie roasted or you're abusing the option to chat by spewing unpleasantries all over the place or whatever else you can think of that will stop other people from having fun (and that includes accusing others of cheating/exploiting simply because they are better than you).
  3. First there are a few statements I feel the need to comment on: Wow, talk about a bleak perspective on life. Please promise me you'll never try to play soccer or football or even baseball with your kids or they'll end up in the hospital due to your obsessive focus on winning rather than having fun So if I told you that by performing a certain action you could instantly wipe out every other player in the game ... you would do it without a second thought, right? Just like the ridiculous bunny-jumping (pardon me: strafe jumping to be correct ... I think) exploit in Quake based games? Or the shooting through virtually ANY material in Counter Strike or whatever bug, exploit, inconsistency, you name it, can be found in basically every game engine (ALL programs contain errors ... it is only a question of how many and how critical they are). I do not mean to pick on you specifically CortoCG, but your opinion (if I interpreted it correctly that is) is one I've encoutered so many times before. "If it is in the game then why not use it?" Erm ... because it ruins the game? This was not originally a thread about exploits or bugs, so I'll try not to turn it into one, but I'll stake my good name and reputation (What do you mean: "What reputation?" ) on the claim that basically every single exploiter/grief player has used the same argument: "It's in the game, so use it" or "If I can do it, you can just learn to do it yourself" or "If you don't like it, you can just go somewhere else.". Now, I think both sides of the debat in this thread are right ... and both sides are wrong: Yes, it IS stupid and unbecoming to start spewing foulness if you get killed (be it by a cheap shot or not). Yes, it IS a waste of server space to log onto a server only to chat away about the when and the how a date with Jennifer Lopez (I'll rather shoot myself than stoop to calling her J-Lo) is to take place. Yes, it IS abusing/exploiting the "rules" to enter chat mode or turn off your saber only to avoid getting wacked. BUT ... Let me start off by apologizing for "misquoting" you KaiaSowapit. You are not the one complaining about the "honor code", but your comment is just what I need to make a point . Anyway, does anyone know the CVAR for stopping people shooting other people while they are chatting? Or when their saber is off? No? Well, it is easy to "enforce" your own rules when they can be set by server commands, like exluding certain force powers/weapons or removing the option to challenge others to a duel, etc, but it's not quite so easy when you're trying to promote an certain way of behavior or "conduct" if you like, hence the whole concept of an honor code. If I'm in the mood for a good game of fast paced, gun blazing, multiplayer action, then what are my alternatives? I can play Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territores, CounterStrike, Medal of Honor, BattleField 1942, Unreal Tournament 2003, Quake3 ... in fact there are dozens of games to choose from. Now, if I'm in the mood for some great, non-balistic, close encounter multiplayer action with tons of cool moves and a strong element of outsmarting your opponent (rather than who has the quickest reflexes), I can just go play ... what? As far as I know my choices consist of JA and JO (and to a certain degree Rune, but it had a lot less moves). This is the one fact that most of the "codehaters" (as weiderudare so nicely put it) fail to realize: There are so many other games where one can blast away as one pleases, but only JA/JO where one can combat the enemies with a blade (be it of steel or light). The reference to KotOR is invalid since it is a singleplayer game and so is the reference to SW Galaxies since it utilizes the typical MMORPG "gameplay" where you observe the action instead of taking part in it. I am of course making a huge assumption by siding "codehaters" with gun wielders and "codelovers" with saberists, but more often than not, this assumption seems to be correct. I don't mind admitting that I prefer to use a light saber when I play JO/JA, be it in singleplayer or multiplayer mode, and I also don't mind admitting that I usually just use absorb in order to neutralize an opponents force power use so I can focus on swinging the saber. If I want to play around with guns I go play ET or BF1942, but to me, and apparently to a lot of other people too, the embodiment of the Star Wars universe is the light saber. I've already stated that this does not entitle me to run around acting like a spoiled brat and whine all the time ... but it would also be nice if both sides would speak the acronym FFA out loud: Free For All. Not just "FREE to do as you please no matter what the other players say or who you piss off". Not just "this and this rule applies to ALL of you too". FREE FOR ALL. Is it really so hard to refrain from ruining an otherwise great game for other people by being/acting like an ass?
  4. I've tried all the different ways to get the dismemberment to work but to no avail ... that is until I tried with the saberrealisticcombat command. I'm from Denmark and Samus (who also reported using the saberrealisticcombat to get the body parts flying) is from Norway. On the cover of my copy of Jedi Academy it says: "Manufactured in the EU". I would hazard a guess and claim that at least 2 different versions of JA seems to be in circulation. The real issue, in my opinion, is: If the 2 versions differ all the way down to the command line level, then on how many other points do the 2 versions differ too?
  5. No, society evolves on constructive criticism and by people listening to said criticism and thus start working on a way to fix the problems rather than sit back and complain all day long in which case they will be ignored as noone likes a sore looser. Democracy only works if you participate in solving the problems (e.g. voting etc.) and you would be surprised how far politeness can take you when it comes to getting your oppinions heard. Anyway I couldn't agree more with you Kyp The Faith and I would much rather wait a little longer for a thorough patch than getting a rushed job that might introduce more problems than it actually fixes. So far Raven have done a superb job with JO and I have absolute faith that they will continue the trend. I just hope that they realize that not all of us are ungrateful little buggers and that there are a lot of us who really appriciate what they have achieved [edit] oh shoot, you beat me to it SPY_jmr1 [/edit]
  6. Well, we have now had official word from Raven that they're are on it, so there is no need for me to state that I never doubted that for a second . I feel the need to adresse XManny's criticism of Blizzard: If you take a look at the readme file for each of the patches to Diablo2 you will realize that it was actually only the first patch (perhaps the first 2 patches) that actually contained bug fixes. All the other patches were related to balancing issues (the level 80 sorceress' something was more powerful that the level 80 barbarian's something-else) and/or the exclusion of cheats. When a company takes the time to create a patch to eleminate cheaters I applaud the effort and gain a whole new level of respect for that company as it shows that they care about their product. Regarding the balancing issues who can honestly expect that developers can figure out every devious thought of the whole gaming community and have everything evened out from day one. We face the same things with this game. For example the Drain ability in it self is working as it is supposed to and the Grip/Lightning abilities are also working fine. Combined with diversity there are no problems. Combined without diversity and "hello mr. Drain/Grip/Lightning [insert unpleasant name here]". I'm not trying to start that discussion here again as there are so many other threads out there regarding this issue already. This was just an example and I could just as easily have picked the Heal power or gun related issues. I just picked on of the things that many people feel are unbalanced/overpowered (not that I necessarily agree). My point is that unbalancing issues have always been and will always be a part of multiplayer games and if you disagree then take a look at what happened to the Arctic Sniper Riffle (AWP) in Counter Strike. They toned it down considerably in later patches and even removed the standard targeting reticle in the HUD when using sniper riffles. (Hmm, that didn't come out the way I had planned. In fact it sounds more like a threat: "If you disagree you're gonna get it" I assure you that was not the intention so please bare with me ) Whoops I'm starting to ramble here. Anyway, there were two reasons that I wanted to post here. The first was to say that there was no question about whether or not Raven/LEC was working on a patch ... Check, did that already. Alright, the second reason for this post is related to the second issue in the original topic, feedback to the community. I'm not going to criticise Raven or LEC about the lack of feedback to the community as every company has their own guidelines as to how this is handled. I'm just going to mention a few intances where it has been dealt with differently. Has anybody played DisciplesII: Dark Prophecy ?!? Great game developed by Strategy First (DisciplesII Site ) but there were some problems with it at first. Some people couldn't get it to work at all (luckily I was not one of them) and there were some minor gameplay related bugs/discrepancies. I started a thread in their Technical Forum regarding one such discrepancy and just few short hours later there was a reply (if you want to see it for youself then here is a link: This is one way to do it ) The next patch (which was actually the first patch) my issue wasn't adressed but in the following patch, which came only a few weeks later, the problem had been fixed. As I've said, I'm not here to criticise how Raven/LEC do things but I can tell you that it felt extremely good to know that I had taken part (albeit a very small part ) in making that game even greater than it already was by helping addressing issues for the developers to look at. What did it take to make me feel that way?!? A simple acknowledgement from the technical support that my voice had been heard. It could be as simple as: "gotcha" It doesn't matter how elaborate the response is or whether or not it is actually a problem/bug that will be adresse ever but merely the ramblings of a raving lunatic. The simple acknowledgement that you are NOT talking to a wall can do wonders to the peace of mind . Another example is how the Morrowind developers/artist/public relations people/and whatnot took the time to answer a question a week from RPGVault (direct link or just go to the RPGVault main page and you can't mis it ). Some of the developers are also very active in the forums (plural?!?). Granted, they are not currently working on a soon-to-be-released high profile title as well but apparently they feel that the developing time the loose by spending a little time answering questions in the forums here and there earns them a lot more goodwill from their fanbase than the possibility of being able to release the game a few days earlier ever would. Hey, are you still awake Well, if you are then you have my thanks for reading my novel and my apologies that it got so long but I kind of got carried away. Cheers all
  7. So basically what you are saying is that when the map is about to change you press escape which brings up the nice little top menu and then you just wait untill the map change occurs and that's it ?!? Or have I completely misunderstood what you were talking about? If that's the case could you please elaborate a bit because this problem is the only one I have with the game (it could have been a lot worse, but it is still rather annoying).
  8. You might want to try looking through the "Dedicated Server" forum as I've seen several threads relating to LinkSys router problems.
  9. The information is correct but it's not the ship you arrived in but the white imperial shuttle that you have to jump from (in the right shuttle bay viewed from the control console)
  10. Try looking in the "Dedicated Server" forum as I have seen several threads regarding Linksys routers in there (I'm not sure whether there is a solution there as well, but it's worth a look see )
  11. I tried karl1982's and RavensSoul's suggestion about disconnecting from the server just before a map change. I returned to the main screen, waited about 30 seconds and reconnected to the same server again. One should think that returning to the main screen would somehow reset the server specific settings and/or clear the local system (i.e. RAM) but unfortunately that was not the case for me. When I tried to reconnect to the same server the dreaded lock up happened yet again. I quickly rebooted the machine, started JK2 and connected to the same server one more time and from the player list/frags I could see that most of the players were the same as before my crash and judging from thier scores they had been there when the map loaded Tonight I will try to disconnect from the server when a map change i imminent, quit JK2, restart JK2 and reconnect to the server. If that doesn't help I'm out of ideas. Wish me luck
  12. Well, I can't help you with question 2 or 3 As to the wheel I might have something to do with the mouse setup in windows. Try reducing the number of lines in the "Scrolling Size" option of your Mouseware (under the "Buttons" tab) Hope that helps Darn, teleguy beat me to it
  13. The Absorb power does prevent you from being pushed/pulled and it does absorb the force power used to push/pull you but ... I have noticed that the powers that influence your physical movement, i.e. push, pull, grip will "jerk" your character for just an instance when performed against you. Lightning or Drain does not hinder your physical reactions even without Absorb and is therefore no different with Absorb turned on. The biggest problem with the push/pull issue is that it has happened to me on a few occasions that I switched on Absorb just before performing a big jump (like on the Bespin Mineshaft when jumping on to the long bridge from one of the side niches) and when in midair somebody performed a push/pull on me and because my jump was timed perfectly (hey, everybody gets lucky once in a while ), the slight "jerk" made me fall short of my target and resulted in a brief, interesting but certainly fatal experiment with the Doppler effect
  14. Well, we have already concluded that this lock up problem has nothing to do with the amount of time you play as I've previously played a never ending game for more than 3 hours straight. Last night I was playing on a FFA server with a rather low kill limit and time limit. The thing is that even though the game often ended/restarted the map didn't change. About a half dozen games later I was still playing with no problems. We can therefore conclude that this problem has nothing to do with the number of rounds nor the amount of time you play but only occurs when the map changes. Has anybody got any clues as to how we fix this weird problem?!?
  15. Well darn it , the spectator trick from the other night turned out to be just a fluke. I tried it again last night and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. *sigh* I'm running out of ideas as to what could be the cause of this weird problem so any suggestions would be very welcome indeed.
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