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  1. You asked for it... Tech Talk with Daniel Albu is coming to a podcast platform near you! From now on, each new conversation will first premiere on YouTube, followed by a podcast release 3 weeks later. On Spotify, you'll also have the video available: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/danielalbu
  2. πŸŽ™οΈ Don't miss my longest conversation yet! 🎡 Join me today for my 4.5-hour conversation with acclaimed LucasArts composer Clint Bajakian! πŸ—’οΈ We'll talk about Outlaws, Monkey Island 2, The Dig, Full Throttle and many other classic games! ⏰ Today @ Noon (PT)
  3. Thank you for sharing your story! You’re welcome to write it in the comments section of the video as Annie reads the comments. Plus, the premiere is still on and she’s currently in the live chat!
  4. πŸŽ™οΈ Tune in TODAY for the YouTube premiere of my conversation with acclaimed author Annie Fox! πŸ“ We'll delve into the Putt-Putt series, Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective as well as her new book "The Little Things That Kill" that comes out TODAY! ⏰ Premiering NOW!
  5. Thanks for watching! I wasn't that interested in playing Outlaws back in the 90's. I played it for a while, but not too much. Recently, when Aaron Giles added support for Outlaws in DREAMM, I started playing it and I got hooked! (Side note: I'm currently editing my third conversation with Aaron Giles, and we're playing Outlaws there as well)
  6. Any of you fans of the classic 1997 LucasArts FPS game Outlaws? πŸŽ™οΈ Join me TODAY for the YouTube premiere of my conversation with LucasArts animator and Outlaws lead animator, Charlie Ramos! πŸ“ In this conversation we discuss Outlaws, The Dig, Full Throttle and more! ⏰ Today @ Noon (PT)
  7. I already interviewed Clint Bajakian a few weeks ago, we had a 5-hour conversation (my longest one yet). The conversation will premiere next month. Peter McConnell is on my bucket list for 2024.
  8. 🎨 Hear the story behind the iconic Maniac Mansion cover art! πŸŽ™οΈ Join me TODAY for the YouTube premiere of my conversation with legendary LucasArts illustrator Ken Macklin! πŸ“ In this conversation we discuss his work on the Maniac Mansion cover art as well as his work on Loom, The Dig and many other Lucasfilm Games classics! ⏰ Today @ Noon (PT)
  9. 🎡 Discover the story behind the iconic Monkey Island theme! πŸŽ™οΈ Join me TODAY for the YouTube premiere of my conversation with legendary LucasArts composer Michael Land! πŸ“ In this conversation we delve into the magic behind The Dig, Monkey Island & iMuse! ⏰ Today @ Noon (PT)
  10. πŸŽ„πŸŒŸ Join me TODAY for the YouTube premiere of my conversation with the incredibly talented Double Fine producer, Malena Annable! πŸ“ In this conversation, they discuss Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Grim Fandango Remastered, Escape from Monkey Island & more! 🎁 Today @ Noon (PT)
  11. In the mid-80s, Aric Wilmunder worked on a collaborative project between LucasFilm and Quantumlink, later America OnLine, to create Habitat. Aric's job was to create the graphics engine and the system that showed the first-ever online avatars. Just recently, he was asked to figure out how the game's graphics worked. His work led to a tool that turns the old game files into images. Now, people can catch a glimpse of one of the very first online worlds and the cool characters drawn by Gary Winnick and maybe Ken Macklin too. https://www.information-superhighway.net/inhabitor/
  12. The idea to release these as podcasts doesn't have a clear schedule yet and that's why it hasn't been made public yet. If me asking people not to pirate my content after describing how hard I work on it is snippy, then sure, call me snippy. Regarding the thread bumps, I've typically responded to requests for specific interviews with links to my content. However, I'll ensure my replies remain limited to this thread if that's more preferable for you. You seem to be the one adopting a confrontational tone here. You were well aware of how your response might be interpreted, given that you suggested the mods delete it if it was deemed inappropriate. When you were trying to promote your game Lair Of The Clockwork God, I don't think you would have appreciated it if people would have replied with "Hey mods, delete if inappropriate, but you can download the game for free from this link...."
  13. Thank you for the kind words. I plan to start releasing all of my interviews as podcasts on Spotify / Apple Podcasts / etc. at the beginning of 2024 and from that point on, I'll release every interview as a podcast about a month after its YouTube premiere (I don't want to lose any YouTube views as they are important to the growth of our channel) If you use YouTube Premium, then you can listen to YouTube videos in the background. Or, you can wait for me to release them as podcasts at the beginning of 2024. You know, each interview takes up roughly 100 hours of my time, especially the lengthier ones. Typically, I dedicate about 40 hours to research, delving into previous interviews by watching or reading them. The actual recording process takes around 3-4 hours, while the bulk of the work, about 50-60 hours, involves editing, adjusting volume levels, and fixing audio issues. Considering the effort invested, the least I hope to get out of every viewer is one view on YouTube. Sadly, these niche interviews don't attract thousands of views, so every single view matters to me. Using YouTube-dl doesn't even guarantee that one view. But you do you.
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