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  1. True, but fluorescent skins are client side things (e.g. it doesn't depend on a source code leak, you could do it without it) and couldn't you see if somebody was seeing through walls with the first-person view option? Yea, but there's no point if you can play the game well without cheats. I've never tried downloading cheats for ET, for JK2 or for BF1942, because I can hold my own in ET and BF1942 and I spent more time trying to learn the JK2 SDK than playing the game. CS, on the other hand, can be so annoying it's not surprising people make cheats for it.
  2. Not neccessarily. First of all, it takes time to write hacks and cheats for games, and if you do see someone cheating (e.g. actually walking through walls, or somebody going at super fast speeds) then you just get an admin to ban them or get their IP banned on the network. Second of all, people aren't going to write cheats just because they can - the majority of people will only make cheats if they're unhappy, that is the gameplay is really frustrating and annoying that it gives the player enough resolve to open up MSVC and start writing something. Why do you think CS has more cheaters than Gladiator-HL or Battle Grounds mod? It's because it's so easy to die in CS and when you die - that's it, you stay dead for the rest of the round. With or without the source, we will be seeing cheats a few months after HL2's release, simply because cheating is inevitable -all games have some form of cheating. The only problem now is... people can look at the guts of a cutting-edge game and they can steal things - like the AI and physics stuff (don't forget Havok is used in HL2, they're in deep **** as well). Yes, Doom 3 can simulate physics very well, but the last time I checked 20 drink cans stacked on top of each other and shot at caused the Doom 3 Alpha engine to fail. Yes Doom 3 has specular lighting and dynamic shadows, but more than two monsters with specularity and shadows on slows the game down enormously. Even though Doom 3 is slightly more advanced, HL2 still has things that people would be interested in.
  3. Soon... I would bet between two weeks and a month...
  4. How do you know it will sit on a file server and never be played? The fact is, a Star Wars or Sci-Fi mod would distinguish itself from the dozens of CS clones, WW2 mods and stupid alien horror TCs that seem abundant. While there are people who play and like CS, you can go to the other end of the spectrum, where there are people who hate and don't play CS. The situation you described where the bigger mods like DOD and CS shadow the small ones could have happened with the original Half-Life, except it hasn't. Natural Selection was only released what, maybe a year ago at most? And the CS team was formed in 1999, so CS has been around for much longer than NS. NS still managed to break out onto the mod scene even when there were mods like CS and DOD and it has hundreds of servers on the net. My point is: do not be discouraged. If the Battlegrounds Mod or Natural Selection can grow and become popular mods even with CS and DOD around, then so can any mod you make.
  5. I agree that you can do some stuff, but a good portion of the really innovative stuff, the things that leave you breathless like DeeZire's Chrono Prison was done through hacking and work-arounds. However, certain things are hardcoded into the .exe (e.g. there is a fixed number of superweapons, units coded as aircraft cannot attack other aircraft, there is a fixed number of countries, there can only be one IFV-type vehicle, etc.) and they are either impossible to "code" or require some complicated hacking and long-winded work arounds. Really, the stuff that you add will be quite similar to the units already there - nothing particularly revolutionary.
  6. Yes, which is why when I turn it on the ping for every ET server the browser got back is multiplied by 8. I join a server with 500ms latency (because that's the fastest server) and I get kicked immediately (ping is too high). Without Punkbuster, the fastest server on the server list has 50 ms - compared to 500 with Punkbuster.
  7. Look, Raven have done more than enough for us. Don't forget that some games cannot be modified - MOHAA doesn't have an SDK; for C&C: Red Alert 2, all you could do is play with black-or-white flags; and C&C: Renegade was virtually uneditable as well. If you say Raven are unfair, go ask the people at AWD who modified Red Alert 2 and could not move a lot in any particular direction. If you think Raven are rude, go ask the people who modded Renegade, who were promised a fully moddable game with a diverse SDK but instead got a powerless skin and model plugin and a pathetic map editor plugin for GMAX. JK2 modding is very versatile in comparison to other games. Also, you say "Wudan works very hard at the code, but I think it would be unfair if you guys couldnt help him out or the community out by making the tool yourselfs or with him.". Well, I think it's unfair if you sit back and ask a company who is otherwise busy with 3 projects to do something for you when they've already done so much. Instead of sitting back, watching Wudan slave on with Neo and complaining to Raven, pick up a book on OpenGL or C, learn something and see how you can help.
  8. Sorry to bother you again with the question (I already asked you in General Editing, thanks for answering ) but is Raven considering releasing the SDK early so mod makers could make some content before JA is released? Thanks in advance, Commodus
  9. Strong is red - slow but powerful Medium is yellow - average speed and damge Fast is blue - very fast but low damage.
  10. Yea, the screenies looked pretty cool...
  11. I heard of something similar where a guy would smoke really bad cigars to annoy his opponent... pretty funny Nice stuff Joker - it's good to see there is some Roleplaying in this game. The other day I was playing old Jedi Knight 1 and my brother would charge at me with a lightsaber on Canyon Oasis and just as he would do that, I would turn on persuasion and turn invisible. Then I would stalk him using the fists and punch him as he's looking around for me madly
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