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  1. Thanks for the offer. I think the animation might all be done, depends on how we decide to end it (I can't remember what the plan was). I'm pretty sure I wrote it all out though, so maybe I can find the script somewhere.
  2. BOOOOYAH! Can someone tell me? Did I have the good sense to include the MAP file in the PK3? I'm sure that was the good practice I used to keep up. If not, I don't know if I'll have a hope in hell of finding it.
  3. Thank YOU Dan, it wouldn't have amounted to anywhere near as much without your input and (of course) voice acting.
  4. I'm afraid due to life changes etc I never could commit to finish it. I was pretty gutted as I spent nearly two years on it and am very proud of what it had become so far.
  5. Ah.. I forgot about those books, I used a couple of pictures from them as research when I was making BoaM (all those years ago). Nice work, I recognised the large cargo crate texture, yeah... hehe....
  6. Wow! I really love that banner. Did you draw it yourself or is it a compilation of other images?
  7. Cheers. And to you too.
  8. I forgot about all about this level, it's one that could really benefit from some modern atmospheric touch-ups that weren't possible in the original game. It's amazing how varied DF's levels were. It's part of what made it a classic game, and it makes it an interesting challenge to re-mod ten years later.
  9. I am pretty useless at that sort of thing. You might want to check out the shots of DAK's Coruscant level. He seems to have the style pretty much nailed: http://www.map-review.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1077
  10. Cool, thanks for playing, and for the kind comments! It does make editing more rewarding if it's for a gracious community. It's what kept me editing JK/MotS for so long.
  11. Glad you liked it! It's even more dynamic now. I basically spent the whole Easter weekend enhancing the areas you see in the beta.
  12. I really liked the style of Coruscant in DF, that black and silver stone. Very fortress-like, and nothing like the Coruscant we see in the movies, perhaps you could keep the architecture/texture style of the fortress itself intact, and add a skybox like the movies?
  13. Just wondering, how are you guys handling this level? Obviously since the game originally came out, we've seen what Coruscant looks like in the prequels. Are you going to model the architecture and stlye after the movies, or are you going to remain faithful to the game? Or perhaps you will mesh the two styles together?
  14. Thanks a lot Salv! Was it just you and HapSlash that made it?
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