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  1. maybe its some sick and twisted april fool's joke
  2. Not only should we be dedicated, but organized as well. It's very important that we band together under the same flag.
  3. I've been a diehard fan of these games for years, the game leaves me in stiches everytime I play it. Lucasarts...Poo Poo On you.
  4. there's another petition here http://www.petitiononline.com/samnmax2/petition.html
  5. Yea I did it, but as a Lightside Jedi , Used force drain on the jedi Canisters, and then ran around using FD on malek - it works
  6. the reason you can only select droids is because you're still in combat mode. press the green button on ur controller (forgot the letter) and then just select it- also - the spikes only regenerate after you kill a bot of the certian # - ie: bot A killed - Spike generated in Bin A.
  7. During the Final Battle of the Game, how Do I , Every time I try to attack him, he uses force lightning on me, and I blow up.
  8. Where Can You Attempt to Swoop Race AFTER you've already raced to save Ballista, I can't find it anywhere in the lower city.
  9. damn..I already started construction on my own helms deep :-), i am working on the canyon terrain as we speak, and then its up to the caves, then the fortress..
  10. Imran

    Helm's Deep

    Yea i guess this was the wrong place to put it in, sorry guys
  11. Imran

    Helm's Deep

    Prelimenary work as begun on my newest project, Helm's Deep, from The Lord of The Rings : The Two Towers. As of now Im sketching a top-down blueprint of the map, and I was wondering if there were any modelers out there who could spare some time making some of the architectural detail, other than that ,I might have some decent shots of the basic undetailed map ready in about 2 weeks time (and i mean very BASIC).
  12. I don't think you should go through with it, It would be cool yes, but the Q3A engine isn't made for at least more than 64 players ( i think), plus, With Star Wars Galaxies coming along, it would be a waste of time
  13. w0000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea !! Now its time to kill me some Tuskens...er......Cavefish ;-)
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