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  1. fred/crispin dingo/milla dingo/el odio oleander/a brain oleander/linda napolean/oleander [they're both short...........] clem/crystal chole/bobby bobby/benny.............................. quentin/phobe J.T/Chops...[did u see the way they were looking at each other after rebraining them?!]
  2. hey..where do you find the 2nd vault? I can't find it anywhere. Also, what do u do with the vine picture?
  3. looking at a 17" is no prob for me i got a 32" tv hooked up to my pc and hard wear is no prob. So that means im going to get it on the pc for sure and o ya when im playing pc games im laying down playing them in my bed wireless keybord and mouse
  4. guest


    Raise the eggs, and have an army of fish! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!
  5. hi im having a problem with command and conquer zero hour. every time i start up a skirmish/mission/network game as soon as I build my first building it all blows up for no reason. it then says i've been defeated. has anyone got any help? and ive already tried reinstalling but that went wrong after a week or so.
  6. Any updates for the imperial officer? You said that he'd be delayed by two weeks, it's gone about 6.
  7. No wonder your whining about pulling and backstab, play Jk 1.04 and then shut up.
  8. Firewall + Closed ports = No go. Try searching on Google for the ports you need to open.
  9. All of you, just shut up and then the spamming will stop. There you go, isn't that better? Sorry to hear about your braces Selene. I hope Kain cheers you up!
  10. hey when i've returned from being smited because i said praise the lord, try to find me. I'm gonna be Palmike Yes, this is pal but i just can't be assed to log in lately. lol
  11. OH NOS HONORXSXZ XMOD 4 DOOM3ANDHL2 OH NOS?!111ONEONEONE.... i would hate to see what the hell you'd do to HL 2.. *shudders at the thought of crowbar down = peace and crowbar duels..*
  12. stab IE with a plastic fork then run around the street laughing like a madman. well it worked for me!
  13. whats the point in removing the abuse commands in Xmod? admins will simply use another mod that does have admin abuse commands.
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