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  1. Howdy:)


    If you wanna find where most of us hang out, it's in this thread. Come visit, and jump in...



  2. This is like a hotel without rooms and no bar, with just a guest sign in book. If I stand pants-less in the lobby, it means nothing.
  3. I'm complaining about this establishment on 'Yelp.' Only those who aren't actually hungry need order their pizza here!
  4. *(Looks up at the date and time.)* Okay, that's way past a half hour! You totally owe me free pizza.
  5. I'd like to order a large deep dish pizza with sausage, olives and extra cheese.
  6. The entire universe is simply the fractal chaos boundary between intersecting domains of high and low energy. Just thought I'd point that out.
  7. Great photos of the ship. ...Where are the monkeys?
  8. Black air and seven seas... All rotten through, but what can you do? I don't know how I'm meant to act along with you lot. Sometimes, I don't try; I just know, know, know...
  9. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  10. This thread will make a lot more sense with us in it.
  11. Bill Gates is already evil. Are you saying I look more evil than Bill Gates? That's not possible. However, I am probably more evil than Mr. Rogers...
  12. You know, it's funnier without the link. Haw! Haw! Haw! As if looking at my dingus was like looking at the home page...
  13. Curse this feeble color theme! ...There is a link hidden behind the word 'this' in my above post, but it might be hard to see. It is there, though.
  14. What's up? *(Looks down.)* My dander, I guess. (This is what we're looking at that shows us all the new Lucasforums posts at a glance.)
  15. Easy to understand your misunderstanding, since I am holding a sword in the picture. Normal humans sometimes find them intimidating. Here I am in my element, fiddling about in my study, as seen from my computer on acid: Not such a bad fellow. One can almost see him listening to Thomas Dolby...
  16. Yeah, it's me. But he doesn't look scary at all. He just wants to play.
  17. I just wanted to comment on the previous poster's username... Totally hot.
  18. Yes...the 'One Year' thread is quite active, now that all the other KOTOR and JK people are popping in. Roy, why are you calling me scary when my avatar is calmly playing croquet while yours is letting a rodent drive a motor vehicle, undoubtedly running over bystanders and other vehicles in the process? You, sir, are a public menace.
  19. Can't argue with that. ...And I would sound crazy if I tried. So long to Lucasforums. It strarted for me last century, when my girlfriend bought Rogue Squadron and suggested I could find cheat codes online. I started as imladil at Roguesquadron.net, a few months later registering as Zoom Rabbit at the Jediknight.net forums. It was only later that we all wound up in this big fish tank of Star Wars game forums called Lucasforums. All good things, though, must pass... *Flush!* Let's start over, shall we?
  20. Say, when does the website go own? Will it be http://WWW.starwarsgamer.com after that? I'm so unprepared...
  21. *(Gives Matt a fifth of Bacardi 151.)* Here. ...And don't come back until you've made a fool of yourself!
  22. Field coat, black. Backpack, fancy army kind in digital camo. (Whatever happened to Alice packs?) Chinese forged wakizashi short sword. Silverware.
  23. Hello Kitty has been banished to the closet. Mom had it propped up on her bed, and her kitty Ganymede freaked out in it. Tried to attack it. Cats know the devil when they see it...
  24. I got my 70 year old mother this 'Stretchkins' Hello Kitty doll for Christmas. It's stuffed with soft foam, has stretchy arms and legs, and is the size of a small child. She loves it. She is a Hello Kitty fan, and it appeals to her inner child. ...However, the cats are freaked out by it. 'Is that a cat? Is that a human? Is that a pillow? What the hell is that thing?!?'
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