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  1. CMSU, huh Rhett? Nice people, nice campus, and Warrensburg is a nice city. Congrats.
  2. "I mean, there's no respawns in RL, what are you supposed to do?" Good Lord.
  3. Congratulations, man. She'll grow up to be a great autob- kid.
  4. Katarn7, where'd you purchase those Star Wars Miniatures? I've looked in Walmart and Toys'R'Us and have only seen Star Wars Attacktix. Where do you find those at?
  5. If you can find a good group to play it with and enough money to burn plenty of holes in your pocket. If any of you know of any good hobby/comic shops around the southern Minneapolis area... let me know. I've had some bad experiences at Air Traffic.
  6. No new news, but I suppose that means Will is hard at work. I can't wait until E3 2006 comes along...
  7. I saw that a bit ago... pretty awesome.
  8. The Mall of America... ugh... I guess when you live a few minutes away the wonder wears off. ^_^
  9. I won't be able to go until next Thursday... *whimper*
  10. legameboy


    I'm think I'm R2-D2. I'm always up'n'spunkeh.
  11. I'm both overjoyed and terrified at the same time.
  12. ^_^ Glad to hear that you kicked that coma's be-hind, GothiX.
  13. Show death what your made of, GothiX, Leggy
  14. I'm in the same boat sailing the same sea.
  15. United States Post Office Department is established. The first Ford Model T is built. Broderbund releases the computer game Myst. Jim Henson is born. Dr. Seuss died.
  16. We have a heretic among us, men! Draw your plastic lightsabers! Burn him at the stake! *snicker*
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