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  1. I meant to say that it is probably the best selling STAR WARS game of all time. Think about it for one second: Did Tie Fighter, Xwing or Dark Forces II rest come out WORLDWIDE and on THREE PLATFORMS all in a span of a week? I don't think so and that's why Battlefront IS probably the best selling Star Wars game. And if you want to argue about it more and find the definitive sales statistics buy a subscription to this site: http://www.npdfunworld.com What is it? It's for people that want to know the answers to questions like the one below... "Video Game Sales Charts I am for an online database containing the sales histories of video games, or a chart that's updated weekly. Is there a site that has this information? -Troy Harkin The Editors of Gamasutra respond: One of the leading sources of videogame sales data is NPD Funworld. NPD relies on sales data from large retailers to calculate how well games are selling. Some of the information on NPD's site is free, but most of it is market research which companies must purchase. NPD is probably the most widely-cited source of videogame sales data in the USA. " -Achillesz7
  2. Installed and played patch. Positives: -Game plays like butter -Flying shotgun or co-piloting vehicles is ALOT easier -Maps like Naboo Theed and Geonosis play smoother and faster Negatives/Problems: -I had flickering on the engine lights of starfighters -Starfighters laser bolts stuttered when fired and did not look as smooth or natural as before -Clicking the mouse when the respawn timer counts down causes jarring quick cuts to the different CPs around the map. (its a small detail) Hopefully this information helps make the developers aware of issues before the final patch. It might be a good thing for more people to post feedback on the new patch... -Achillesz7
  3. Not sure but I think this is the client patch of 1.3beta. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/battlefront1_3.htm -Achillesz7
  4. I really believe it was the best selling game of all time. Look here: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/050421/215125.html I mean think about it, they had a blitzkrieg marketing strategy to coincede the release with the Classic Trilogy. -Achillesz7
  5. For those who are interested the offical website is online at lucasarts.com. -Achillesz7
  6. Switching gears, BF2 boasts of 12 new levels. I'm wondering if they'll additionally toss in the original maps from Battlefront 1. But maybe not since the gameplay in BF2 is supposed to shift away from the original's arcade like style. I guess my concern is that 12 "HUGE" maps doesn't sound like enough bang for my buck when you consider BF1's 16 assorted maps. Here's BF1's maps: Yavin - Arena Yavin - Temple Rhen Var - Harbor Rhen Var - Citadel Tatoonine - Dune Sea Tatoonine - Mos Eisley Naboo - Theed Naboo - Plains Hoth Geonosis Kamino Endor Kashyyyk - Docks Kashyyyk - Village Bespin - Cloud City Bespin - Gas Mine (ship level) (Not mentioning Jabbas because that was in a patch) I guess it would be good to have these old maps in BF2 and make them available to the player with the new changes in gameplay. BUT it would be a big slap in the face to all of us who bought the original game only to have to RE-BUY the original that contains a ton of new stuff. I just feel like BF2 should be an expansion "pack" and the two versions (BF1 and 2) would work together and not be completely seperate. And if they don't label it as an expansion than at least give the people that bought the original (and underdeveloped) game a $10 discount or something! Again, having both the new and old maps in BF2 will beef up level selection online. I just know that after a month those new 12 levels will start to feel very limited and then we'll be waiting around for another super patch with a level included (think Jabba). Anyway, for fun I've tried to list some of the new maps that will be included in BF2. 1.) Death Star* 2.) Endor (Space)* 3.) Corusant (Space) 4.) Utapau 5.) Mustafar 6.) Tantive IV 7.) Cato Nemoida? 8.) Meegeto? 9.) Alderann? 10.) Try and guess!!! 11.) Try and guess!!! 12.) Hoth again?!!? *could actually be one map together -Achillesz7
  7. For those interested Gamespot has posted their preview of BF2. http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/starwarsbattlefront2/preview_6122653.html Also, check out the video interview too, it has running game footage. -Achillesz7
  8. Hello, I recieved this message via email from Lucasarts today. "Star Wars Battlefront™ II LucasArts is set to officially announce Star Wars Battlefront II on Thursday morning at Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapois, Indiana. Leading up to the event, GameSpot.com will break with an exclusive feature on the game late in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 20th. Bookmark the Star Wars Battlefront II website now and come back Thursday morning for exclusive screenshots and more!" Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow at Lucasarts.com! -Achillesz7
  9. Hello, First off let me say this: Kurgan you are an exceptional debater and I applaud you. There is no doubt that some of your ideas about implementing the Jedi would work and make the game more interesting. Which moves me onto these two little pieces of information about Battlefront 2... Answer me this all Jedi Haters, are you not going to buy Battlefront 2 because they added in Jedi? Read these two articles and see for youself that playable Jedi are coming to BF2. So, wake up and get your heads out of the sand, like it or not Pandemic is moving towards this direction. http://www.gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=643&sid=ee28ebd1e48698393b6c88239b4b543b http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v104/Ch1cago88/Text4.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v104/Ch1cago88/Text5.jpg -d.
  10. Please post more details about the Battlefront 2 article so we know exactly whats so special about it. I'm extremely interested in knowing how they are going to sell this off as brand spankin' new when it looks like a Mysteries of the Sith expanison for Battlefront. I REALLY hope they added some REAL NEW STUFF in it. Stuff like the following: A Wookie Army Faction/Other factions - Straight from Revenge of the Sith folks. If you've seen the trailer or teaser you'll know what I'm talking about. And don't tell me that's dumb because they'd all have bowcasters. Watch this and take a look at Wookiee weaponry being created for Ep3 - http://www.starwars.com/episode-iii/bts/me3/5.html. Other optional factions? -Episode 3 Clone Army faction -Geonasian Army Faction (made up of all Geonasians broken down by caste ranking from Elite to drone) -Planetary Army Faction (made up of locals from the planet, much like the Royal Naboo guard) -Jawa faction (they could have the Sandcrawler as a vehicle) Just kidding! Additional units or unit changes for the better - How much more useful would a wookiee for the rebels if he could carry around a tripod mounted blaster cannon and set it up where ever he wishes? It would be alot better than having him carry around time bombs thats for sure. Making changes to existing terrible character classes would be welcome in Battlefront 2. Plus, having a character being able to setup a machinegun-like blaster cannon would help diversify gameplay and create a more strategic enviroment. Add in some new units for the Battlefront 2 like a REAL ARC trooper with akimbo blaster pistols or wristmounted flamethrower/whipcord. For the droids create an extra unit like the Dwarf spider droid who could traverse the battlefield quickly, jam the enemies radar and deliver a powerful blaster shot from its nose cannon. Lets get wild with some of the units and not be so bland across the board as it was with Battlefront 1. Multiple skin variants for all the classes - Each class and faction should have a specifically tailored outfit suited for that enviroment. So, when we play as Rebel soliders on the Blockade runner they should look like soliders stationed on a starship, not like they just walked out of a Ewok forest. For the factions like the Droids, Republic and Empire all the units armor should look weathered from their surrounding enviroment. So, if they're in a jungle enviroment they've got the green stain on their boots and wet grim on their armor. If they're on a volanic planet they look darkened with ashen soot. These kinds of changes make the game more appealing after playing and seeing the same old old skins running around in level after level. Take a look at these JK3 Hoth skin variants - http://hapslash.tripod.com/jkii/wip_sw5_hothrebs.html Add JK3 Seige Gameplay - If anyone has ever played Jedi Academy seige mode or Return to Wolfenstein you'll know what I'm getting at. Have multiple objectives and missions that players can engage in each level instead of the gameplay boiling down to a 'who can kill, who the fastest'. Have class specific roles for all the maps where pilots are needed to hack into door consoles or heavy weapon troopers are needed to blast open a wall, etc. Inject this kind of gameplay and you can attract more attention to BF2 rather than having the same 'ole, same 'ole. Maybe have a mission on the blockade runner where the rebel team must escort a number of Senators to the escape pods before the imperials capture or kill them. This type of creative mission based gameplay might prove engaging to those who've soured of Battlefront. Re-implement Internet Galactic Conquest mode - Though it never made it into the final release of Battlefront Galactic Conquest mode for internet play was supposed to be quite cool. The idea is the same as in singleplayer Galactic Conquest - choose which planet to attack and planet by planet conquer them all, while collecting planetary bonuses until you finally rule the galaxy. The key for online play would be the use of planetary bonuses. Entire conquering strategies could emerge from games where one side decides to use certain bonuses that grant them the advantage when invading or being invaded. It would be great to have a voice in selecting which planet to attack next with your online team. Also teams should switch defend attack positions for each and every map. Let's see how well the Empire defends Hoth as the rebels attack en mass. How would the Republic fare when they are on the defensive at Rhen Var when the CIS rolls its mech units onto the battlefield. I know I have more things that SHOULD happen with Battlefront 2 but I just can't recall all of them right now. Oh, just remembed one. And last but not least there should be a Pirate vs Ninja faction. Thanks, -d.
  11. I finished mine. I suggest that everyone check their junk mails because it might be lurking in there.
  12. Friends, Hey, did anyone see these before?? 1.) http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/starwarsbattlefront/screens.html?page=71 2.)http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/starwarsbattlefront/screens.html?page=70 3.)http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/starwarsbattlefront/screens.html?page=69 4.)http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/starwarsbattlefront/screens.html?page=68 5.) http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/starwarsbattlefront/screens.html?page=67 Maybe this will tide a few people over. -Achillesz7
  13. Relax my friends, just relax. They're working on stuff so have patience. -Achillesz7
  14. Ripped from the headlines off TheForce.net. http://www.theforce.net/games/index.shtml#25147 Jabba's Palace Battlefront Map Sat, Nov 06, 04 12:05:25 AM EST "LucasArts has news of a new map for Star Wars Battlefront: LucasArts and Pandemic Studios announced today a new map that will be available soon for PC and Xbox players of Star Wars Battlefront. The new map will send players back to the desert planet of Tatooine for a battle in Jabba’s Palace. The action will include battles with Gamorrean Guards, the dreaded Rancor and even an appearance by Jabba the Hutt. The new PC content is scheduled to go live on November 19, 2004 with the Xbox content available soon after." I've scoured the Lucasarts homepage and could find no hard evidence of this announcement. Maybe others can help confirm or deny this news report. -Achillesz7
  15. Continued... 6.) I found this really interesting. It seems that early in the development of BF Rhen Var was to take place during the night. Maybe we can keep this idea in mind when creating maps? 7.) This was another change in the lighting of the levels. Here we see Tatooine at dusk instead of during the day. Its very moody and "dusty" feeling, don't you think? 8.) This really bothered me when I play the Yavin level. Where is this sky? Why isn't it nice and bright full of color like this? Why is the sky in the current game a big bowl of gray crap? I'm hoping that somehow we can change the Yavin level back to what we see here. 9.) Here is a close look at the early verison of the player HUD. This was very cool. It looks like they had a detailed map for the HUD in the early stages of the game. Is it possible that we can change the map to look like this? END Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my little collection of BF "curiosities". -Achillesz7
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